Simplon Pavo 2012 6.040kg

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by josemari220

Hello everybody.
Thank you all for the interesting info i found reading this amazing forum.
I would like to introduce you my new baby. It is a new simplon pavo 2012, fully custom build.
The target was to get a light bike, but not to spend big money when weight saving was not big.
All parts are new, except saddle, carbon rims and tubulars.
I know it is possible to low weight easily, in tubulars, pedals, seatpost, saddle, for example, but the bike has to be fully rideable, no stupid parts only for the picture. I found those parts for a very good price, so i sacrifice the last 200grams, saving nice money.
Simplon is an almost unknown brand, here in Spain. It is from Austria, and out from Austria and Germany, threre are no dealers. Tipical high "german" quality.
Frame has nice finish. good paint job. Riding feels light and stiff.
Sram red transmission, Very good working. Rear shift is loud and crisp. A bit harsher than my old shimano Ultegra. Front shifting is good too but not as good as old bike. A nice thing is not to need to trim the left shifter. Sram claims that you can use all combinations rings-cogs. I found it is not possible to avoid a bit of chain rub in small ring-small cog.
Bottom bracket press fit bb86 system. Its is not difficult to install bearings tapping with a hammer. It runs smoother than any other i have tested. Gxp adapter system, included by token fits perfectly. Crankset is realy light.
Light taiwan brakes. they works very well. Power and modulation like ultegras.
Handlebar-stem very light and stiff too. Stem is silly cheap and well finished. Fully advisable.
Fast wheelset. Hubs runs smoothy and very light too. Front hub needs to shim to sort this smoothness. With factory setting, it runs a bit harsh.
I-links need a little tunning, because they don`t fit into shifters.
Derailleur clamp needs tunning too, because it is a bit small for the frame tube diameter, so it has a gap where needs to be closed. I put some plastic plates, and works fine. Because of this need to use a longer bolt to fit the front derailleur and it is not possible to fit sram chain catcher.
For daily ride i build a novatec hubs-kinlin xr300 rims-cn424 spokes wheelset. Maybe best wheels quality/money you can ride. Fantastic and cheap.

Components list
-Frameset 1319
-frame: Simplon Pavo 2012 (53) +- 910gr
-headset +- 100
-fork: Simplon S9.1 309gr
-top cap: rcz 5gr
-compressor: custom 12gr
-spacers: carbon 20gr
-stem: uno ti bolts 100mm 101gr
-handlebar: Easton SLX (40) 196gr
-tape: sram supercork 58gr
-shift wire: alligator mini-i-link 27gr
-shift cable: alligator mini-i-link 24gr
-front wire adjuster: sram 3gr
-brake wire: alligator i-link 30gr
-brake cable: alligator i-link 34gr
-shifters: sram red 2012 285gr
-saddle: custom Selle Italia SLR 142gr
-seatpost clamp: simplon ti bolt 11gr
-seatpot: token 163gr
-derailleur clamp: alero 7gr
-front derailleur: sram red jaw (long bolt) 92gr
-bottom bracket bearings: token 69gr
-crankset: Sram red exogram 50/34 175mm 574gr
-pedals: xpedo 210gr
-chain: kmc 272gr
-rear derailleur: sram red 146gr
-tubulars: tufo s33 pro: 532gr
-mastic: continental 20gr
-valve extenders: schwalbe 3gr
-rims: Planet X 50mm 753gr
-balance weight: custom 25gr
-spokes: cn 424 198gr.
-nipples: pillar alu hex head 13gr
-front hub: UniQ 65gr
-rear hub: UniQ 186gr
-skewers: superstar Ti 42gr
-cassette: shimano Dura-Ace 7800 12-25 196gr
-brakes: Kompressor Ti 205gr
-others: 2gr

You can find a complete picture review in ... 195709391/" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Hope you enjoy it :D
simplon pavo sup der comp2.JPG
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Hi, nice bike, well done, looked at one before I for my Stevens.

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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

Nice one! I'm on my 3rd Pavo at the monent. I'm an yet to find a bike that ride as well as the Simplon. Unfortunately I haven't posted my latest Pavo build here on WW.
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My Simplon Pavo II

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by istigatrice

:welcome: How are those CN424 spokes going? They seem like an alternative to the Pillar 1422, but I've never seen them in use, anything to report?
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

I like it. Need more Simplons on WW!

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by josemari220

thanks for replays

How are those CN424 spokes going?

they are like sapim cx-ray and dt aerolite, but much more cheap.
2.2x0'9mm eliptical shape
spoke and nipple weight less than 5gr.
I have used them in some wheelsets, with no problem. Only thing is that the need high tension, other way they tend to vibrate and loose. it is necesary to hold tight when turn nipple, because they are so thin that tends to twist

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by Mordi

Really wish I could get my hands on a Simplon in the US. Been a great admirer for years. Have to be satisfied with a Tarmac SL4.

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by cazone

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by Monkeyboy3333

how'd you like the px rims?

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by cazone


I have no idea. maybe pm josemari220 directly, he only had two posts since.


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by josemari220

how'd you like the px rims?

My english is a lot lower quality than my bike. This post is a bit "frozen"
, so i don´t look it to often.
If you want to know my opinion about the px rims, i can say that they
are a good product.well finished, light, 372 and 381gr. the breaking is very good,
with superstar carbon specific shoes, in dry. I have never used in wet. Even the
price is atractive.The only negative point is that the valve area is reinforced and it
weights more than the rest, so when the rims are laced, this more weight plus
valve weight makes the wheel too unbalanced. I have to add a hidden 10-15gr
weight to a perfect balance. Now they roll perfect. Before they vibrate at high
I´m glad to answer any question about the bike.
Best regards

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