NICH Kem, Alu road bike, 4.7kg

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by ichobi

First of, this is not my bike but my friend's. I took all the photos and thought this is quite an interesting project as he wants to build ww aluminium bike. The frameset is NICH, a Thai brand. Rest of components are as listed.


-NICH KEM 1200g
-Fork: NICH KEM 350g
total: 1,550g

- R Derailleur Sram Red 144g
- Shifter : Sram RED 423
- Brake Fibular 70g + 70g
- Chain KMC 224g
- Crankset: Clavicula 10th Aniversary 348g+BB 90g
- Chainring: fibrelyte 35g
- Cables Power Cordz Swift 70g
- Cassettes recon Aluminum 101g
total: 1,575g

Wheel set
-AX 24UT front rear / hub / spoke: 800g
-Tyre Tufo ss lite 160g+160g
-Skewers: Extralite Streeters Titanium 29 g
total: 1,149g

-Handlebar: Mcfk
-Grip foam 50g
-Stem: AXlightness Rigid 70g
-Seatpost: Scholke tlo 90g
-Saddle: Dash S4 56g
-pedal: Aerolite 30g+30g
total: 473

Bottle cage: Carbon Works: 5g+5g
Screw etc 20g

All total 4,777g











There are some limitation from the build as can be guessed from the items used. Aerolite pedals are a hassle. The Extralite Cyber hubs are not the stiffest. Also more can be done as steerer is not cut and shifter / RD could be modified a bit more. You also have to be extra careful with this fragile cassette especially shifting under tension.

High res photos can be found on my site. There are tons ... -kem-4-kg/

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by istigatrice

Very nice build! more info on the frame and fork please :)
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by CamW

Some easy weight loss to be had by removing the shifter internals from the left or switching to a Force CX1 left brake lever.

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by glam2deaf

This is amazing! Frame looks great with the simple graphics.

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by ichobi

I might suggest my friend to mod it further, particularly the shifter and RD. Will also cut the steerer once fit is tuned.

Re the frame: We are based in Bangkok, Thailand so my friend was looking around for some nice alu frame. Nich is an emerging local brand similar to, say Curve cycling and November cycling, so he wants to support that instead of buying international brand. The brand sells carbon hoops and carbon/ alu frames. Products are sourced from Taiwan / China, then tested and refined. The weight for KEM frame is as listed. It uses full carbon forks and carbon steerers. The frame rides similar to a CAAD. Accelerate very well, stiff, hold speed well but once you reach racing speed like 40 kph+++ it doesn't keep speed as well as carbon bike. Obviously, a little less responsive too. But for the money it's a steal comparable to most high end alu frame. It's probably the cheapest part in this build in the grand scheme of thing.

As for the brand itself they don't have website yet but there is a facebook page Most of info are in Thai though.

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by dudemanppl

Meh, I'm not impressed. Nice wallet, but this isn't anything special really? Also whoever built it cabled it sorta weird up front. :(

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by asiantrick

That pedals will be a laughing stock in a group ride.

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by Stolichnaya

Um, not sure why you believe pedal choice has any influence on a group ride. If the pedal system works for a rider then good. And this is WW, those pedals are hella light. Care to clarify the comment?

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by kevosinn

Looks great! In regards to the pedals I have over 1500 miles on my aerolites and they work great. Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by kgt

Wasted money on this frame IMHO...

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by prendrefeu

Seriously impressive!!

I wonder what the potential is with a well thought out set of clinchers + tuning on the components.
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by Kayrehn

kgt wrote:Wasted money on this frame IMHO...

Sorry but I feel the same too - throwing that much light weight components on a 1.5kg+ frameset...

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by proof

very impressive built,except the frame. but this is personal

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by xena

I am just having a bit of trouble understanding the point of using that frame and forks. I suppose I would prefer a super light carbon frame but it is a great example of how parts can really bring the weight down and it is a unique build so I have
to salute it :thumbup:
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by Marin

I like it, and I bet it rides nice too. Proves you can build an uber-light bike around almost any frameset.

Cool + thumbs up!
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