2011 Cannondale SuperSix Hi Mod ~6195g

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by worstshotever

Thought I would introduce the new self-torture machine/race steed/vorpal sword killer of the undead. I have been down with a lung infection almost since I brought it home, so I can't say much about the ride just yet or taken any pictures beyond the requisite shop scale photos on the cell. Nonetheless, here's a quick visual and build list:


This build, like my prior (see sig), was parted from either new or high-quality used parts obtained in the main from internet retailers and ebay over the course of more than a year. I had most of what I needed for a long while, but with the advent of a new dependent on my IRS tax forms and new position at work, I haven't had time to assemble. Finally I got tired of waiting and had the LBS do it for me. As a consequence of that approach, I did not weigh every article here. But I include the weights below for those parts I know or have some basis to believe are accurate.

Item / Description / grams
Frame: 2011 Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod 52cm [920g] (included 4 bottle bolts, seat collar, hanger, and warning stickers)
Fork: Cannondale [344g] (uncut)
Headset: Cannondale [n/a]
Seatpost Clamp: Cannondale [n/a] (included in frame)
Expander plug: Ultrastar extralite [9g]
Bars: 3T Ergosum LTD 31.8 x 40cm [174g]
Seatpost: 3T Doric LTD 31.6 x 280 [n/a] (uncut)
Stem: Zipp Service Course SL 31.8 x 110mm [120g]
Stem top cap / bolt: Fairwheel bikes Shoot-out [6g]
Spacers: Omni Racer carbon 10mm [n/a]
Crankset: Cannondale Hollowgram SiSl BB30 170mm [n/a]
Chainrings: Cannondale MK V 50/34 [n/a]
Chain: Campy Record 10 [n/a]
Chain Catcher: CRT Designs 6061 Alum. [n/a]
RD: 2009? Campy Record 10 [188g]
FD: 2009? Campy Record 10 [72g]
Brakes: 2012 Ciamillo Zero Gravity GSL [n/a]
Cassette: 2006 Campy Record 10 sti 12-25 [190g]
Levers: 2009? Campy Record 10 [350g]
FD clamp: Parlee carbon 34.9mm [7g]
Wheelset A: 2006 Reynolds Cirro MV32 [1175g]
Tires A: Veloflex Carbon tubulars [n/a]
Wheelset B: 2013 Mavic R-Sys [n/a]
Tires B: Mavic Yksion whatevers [n/a]
Tubes: various [n/a]
Cables: Yokozuna Reaction [n/a]
Pedals: Speedplay Zero - Ward Ti [158g]
Saddle: Fizik Arrione CF braided [n/a]
Skewers: BlackOps [44g]
Tape: Fizik Microtex [n/a]
Cage: Arundel Mandibles [56g]

The hanging scale claimed a mass, absent pedals or cages, of 13lbs and 3oz, aka 13.1875lbs, aka 5981.75g. Add 214g for pedals/cages, for a total mass of ~6195g, or 13.65lbs in its light wheel configuration. Not bad, as I didn't go super bonkers here by WW standards; there's little unobtanium and no drillium. That said, I will do most of my training and riding on the new R-Sys clinchers (2-year warranty!), so that likely adds another 1/2 pound of fat at least. No complaints though -- it was another relatively budget build, and it looks sweet if you ask me. More pics and ride report to come, if and when I kick this bronchial plague I've got going. Enjoy.

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by deltree

Lovely build. Out of curiosity how tall are you and what's the top of the saddle to the BB measurement?

by Weenie

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by worstshotever

I'm a bit more than 5'7" or approx 170cm, and run my saddle top /bb center ~70.5cm. The seatpost in that picture is not even close to where it ended up.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Very nice weight on a quasi sensible build. Please do post more pictures when you have a chance, and hope you recover soon.
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And you can call me Macktastik Honey Pete Kicks, thank you.

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by thencameyou

Component matching weenie asks: where is your 3t stem?

Overall impression = great! (and an excellent weight too) anything with 10 spd record on it gets kudos from me.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

10sp Record, excellent.

Worstshot, I always love your builds! Another job well done.

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by worstshotever

Thanks. I'm a big fan of Record 10. From a cost/function/durability/looks calculus, I think it's awfully hard to beat. The drawback, of course, is the limit on access to the wheelsets of my friends. I seriously contemplated making a switch to Shim-Sram (in the form of Sram Red), but in the end I stuck to my guns. It's amazing the deals you can find on really clean sets of this stuff out there because it is phasing out.

As to the non-matching cockpit -- I hear ya, and I looked and looked, and ultimately couldn't swallow the cost for an LTD stem, esp. given how inexpensive this one was. Plus, I'm experimenting a bit on length over the winter (I've got a couple others I'm switching out), so I figured I'd wait till I have my fit dialed before dropping a wad on a matching stem. Further, I have to admit, I like the looks of the Zipp. What can I say?

I've got nothing much to add about the ride. I am *still* coughing crap up, 3 weeks in, and have gotten out on it only twice, the last time for an astounding 10 miles before I concluded I was making things worse. Bike felt great, even though I personally felt like hell. I suppose that's saying something. I hope to be in a position to update sooner rather than later (although I'm sitting here coughing while I type that. Grrr.)

by Weenie

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by thencameyou

arx pro with ti bolts will be at least as light as the the ltd, and not blow your budget...

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