Wilier Cento (100th anniversary 2006) seatpost question

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by Storm

I have an original Wilier Cento (2006, 100th anniversary)

Long store short, I need to change the seatpost. I do not have access to a micrometer.

Anybody know the size (diameter) of the seatpost ?

I mesure about à strontium 32 mm... But what I see online around this size is 31.8 mm. Is this the size or is it something else that was standard in 2006 ?

( the seatpost is worn where the saddle connect. It is now n'est impossible to ajust the saddle position. It always return to the original position beceause of the wear)


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Daddy yo yo
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by Daddy yo yo

:smartass: i fully understand your dilemma but i doubt that the "introduce yourself / gallery" subforum is the right place to ask this question. maybe there is more success in the "road"-subforum.

i would guess the correct seatpost diameter is 31.6mm, but it's only a guess.
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by Weenie

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by Storm

Oups. Sorry. I thought I was in the weight weenies forum... But didn't notice I was un the introduce yourself section...

I just re-post on the right forum.

Moderator, you can erase this thread. Sorry and thanks.

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by kgt


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