My Beone Raw Pro 2011

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by NexusKaiser

Hey guys! Rifdi from Singapore here! New here and just thought I'd post my ride. This bike was my first foray into road bikes. Built it up myself (which isn't a very impressive feat on this forum) at the end of last year.


Frame: Beone Raw Pro 2011 - Matte Black/Orange

Drivetrain: (all 2011 models)
Shifters: SRAM Red
Crankset: SRAM Force 50/34
Brakes: SRAM Rival
FD: SRAM Rival
RD: SRAM Rival
Cassette: SRAM PG1070 11-26t
Chain: SRAM PC1901R

Wheelset: Soul C5.0
Tires: Schwalbe Ultremo ZX - Orange stripe

Handlebars: 3T Ergonova LTD
Tape: LizardSkins DSP Race
Stem: 3T ARX Pro 110mm
Seatpost: 3T Doric LTD
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Carbonio Flow
Pedals: Crank Brothers Candy 2 - Orange

Comes up to a respectable 6.88kg inclusive of bike lights, cages and Topeak pump, however I've been intending to go full out WW on this bike. Dream is to get it below 6kg, but without spending a lot I'm not really sure where to go from here...

Random WW ideas:
Quite a bit of weight to save out of the Force and Rival components, but feels a shame to upgrade only after a year's use though.

An Extralite Stem? Have been thinking about going shorter to 100mm anyway cos my 110mm seems a bit of a stretch and I find myself riding a lot on the tops. Stock steerer bolt/expander (it's 66g!) maybe swapped out for Extralite ones as well. Stock clamp is creaking so out it goes.

Really keen on keeping some form of MTB pedals on though because I find myself walking pretty frequently on rides, and my Mavic MTB shoes feel superb when walking about. I even opt to carry my bike up and down flights of steps instead of going along long ramps. Extra weight training/Perks of having a light bike ey? :mrgreen:

And for bling factor I was thinking of getting anodized orange caps/spacers/bolts to add to the orange highlights :thumbup:

Any ideas? :roll:

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

You know, I really like this!

Didn't weigh the frame and fork by any chance did you?

Very tidy :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by artray

Very nice . :thumbup: I would not go to mad with the orange. It looks pretty good as it is .I would get some black chain rings as that would highlight the frame better IMO .
Nice build :beerchug:

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by NexusKaiser

Thanks guys for the comments!

Tinea Pedis:
I was so excited with the build that I forgot to, but Beone claims it to be 960g for a 56cm frame and 330g for fork. Mines a 53cm Not the lightest around, but I loved the colors and it was cheap too. :mrgreen: The stock headset and misc parts like I said earlier do weigh a ton though, could lose at least 150g just from replacing them

Yeah I love it's stealthiness and agree that too much orange would kill it. I was just thinking a little bit of orange accents on the upper half of the bike would be nice too, just small parts to highlight it. Oh, and I actually prefer the grey look of the 2011 Force than the black rings on the new one. Those look so plasticky to me; the grey metal looks more hardknock and utalitarian and still rather stealthy IMO :) SRAM Red 2013 with red bits colored orange would be gorgeous :P

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by Frankie13

Wow such a beautiful bike and a nice clean build. I wouldn't put more orange on it's perfect as it is right now.

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by NexusKaiser

Thanks Frankie!

Not particularly a WW thought, but I've also been thinking, would I be better off cycling with a spare tube, tyre levers and pump, or just go with my tubes filled with Caffelatex or other sealer? Where I ride along the coasts of Singapore, bike rental places are at most 10km apart all over the route, so I was thinking that a flat wouldn't leave me stranded and isolated anywhere in this small island. Add the fact that I have never gotten a flat before over 4 years of serious biking (then again back then I changed my first and second cheapo bikes at the end of about a year of use each so I technically run new tubes each year), and I can always call my dad to rescue me using his car (like when I got into a serious accident on my MTB last that left me with a broken wrist, brake levers and saddle, and I wasn't even on the trail HAHA).

So in theory any minor puncture should be remedied by the sealant, and if that fails I won't be in too much trouble. Plus I won't have to struggle with unseating the tight tires from the carbon rims. Any opinions/considerations/violent objections to this?

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by prendrefeu

Great looking build!! :thumbup:
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by jerade

Great looking bike with small but enough amount of ornage details! Sick! 8)

If they only make Sram Orange groupset. :mrgreen:

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by irf3

Yeah I think it's time for a custom paint job on that crank and shifters.

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by jerade

Was kidding a little bit. It's real beauty in present state, I would't change anything. :thumbup:

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by cmdr199212

:thumbup: looks great!

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by nagge

Great looking bike, really like the colors!
Just the perfect blend without overdoing it :thumbup:
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by Krull

nagge wrote:Great looking bike, really like the colors!
Just the perfect blend without overdoing it :thumbup:

exactly, please dont change anything. :thumbup:
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by Vuong05

Looks great as is, how does it ride?
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by NexusKaiser

Thanks for the support guys! ^^ Haha alright then I'll most probably not change up the colours much, but I would still like some ideas for WW opportunities for the bike. Any really cost effective upgrades for less weight?

Rides wonderfully! I've raised the stem and bars to the maximum length it can go on my steerer (so there's no more spacer at the top). I seem to prefer a slightly more upright position, and can't seem to find a comfortable stance any lower. She responds like a dream, with the only complaint I have being slightly weak brakes. I'm using the stock brakepads (the brand escapes me right now) that the manufacturer recommended, and they just don't seem grippy enough. Apparently he said SwissStop Yellows would be too abrasive, so I never tried.

Crosswind performance is not that bad too. I only had to struggle against a very strong landward gust once on an overcast day, and this is from frequently riding along the beach. Either that or I don't ride fast enough to feel any crosswinds :oops:

Oh, and it has developed a creaking BB... I stupidly tried hammering in the BB30 bearings when I first got it as I had no press tool :oops: Hope its not a cracked frame. Will try to remedy it when I have more time on my hands.

by Weenie

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