Pegoretti & ENVE

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by tarz

amazing frame.

What shop? what window? seeings they are bike gallery bidons.......

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by KB

I'm not a devotee of Peg paint schemes, but I like this one. Very nice. Would love to see a pic with some normal wheels.

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by Craigagogo

What is the weight and brand/name of the head-set?
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by fa63

Pretty sure that is a Chris King D11 headset. You can find weights for that online.

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giant man
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by giant man

nice Love #3 in Manovella!

more pics please and more details ....

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Frankie13 wrote:That's some hot looking bike. Love the paint. What size frame is this!

Hey Frankie, it's a 56.5cm top tube, fits me like a glove! I used to ride Look bikes, but since moving away from cm increments in frame sizes the "S, M, L, XL" they don't fit me so well anymore.

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Powerful Pete wrote:I love this frame. Love the paint. Love the build. :thumbup:

Oh, and by the way, where the heck do you live to be that fortunate to have a view like that?

Thanks for the kudos! :beerchug:

The photo is in Portsea, Victoria, Australia.

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by Roobay

nice pegoretti i dont think the deep rims suit the bike personally :roll: but i suppose where you live and all that sunshine it works for you the Love is great everyday rider enjoy :thumbup:
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by Stolichnaya

fio wrote:Beautiful. I'm actually a fan of deep wheels on steel frames, but I think 6.7's or 3.4's might look a little better on this. Best would definitely be some shallow sections wheels though. Otherwise, this is an excellent build!

The Love #3 is an alu frame...

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by tompho

Beautiful bike, and the frame is different.

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