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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

TSK, tsk.... Never ever sell or trade a GT :wink:
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

by Weenie

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by martin

i'm mostly busy in the "road" section, but i mount a mtb every now and then as well. Here's a pic taken on the "Tenda" border road, one of the most beautiful tours i've ever done.
the ride is a Rocky Mountain Element Signature (german label for the RM "Instinct") equipped with XT/XTR mix, SR SID SL fork, Avid Mag brakes.
Not exactly WW stuff, but at around 12kg still reasonably light, dead reliable and a dream to ride.
Snowman and Strong Walker
Scott Sc
my old stuff
my new stuff

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by XCgeek


I'm a long time reader and have only just started to post here.

I have been riding for K2 new zealand for the past year but have just signed to Keewee bikes. I should get some pics of new bikes soon
but shot small.JPG
Me at the world 24hr solo champs in Canada

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by twinklydave

It's the saddle I feel sorry for... :wink:

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by Tippster

Is the naked riding more aero?

Or just for weight saving?

Or impressing the Ladies?
"Ride it like you've just stolen it!"

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Robert S
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by Robert S

I am XC racer. This is me riding a GT Zakar team.
I´m planning to ride some marathons in 2005, this is a picture of my first marathon.

Ischgl 2004 2073hm distance 47km highest point 2590m

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YetiRacer wrote:I am 16 from Burlington, Vermont, USA.
here is a pic from nationals this year at Mammoth Mountain, California. i was having serioius cramping issues in the last kilometer:

OLver, you look really familiar. have you ever crossed the border and done some racing in the states? I have raced a few times in quebec, maybe i saw you then. what category do you ride? i don't know what the canadian equivalent is, but i race Junior X (expert) here in vermont.

Hey yeti racer. Did you do the GMSR(04')?

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by skogling


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by twinklydave


I'm an erstwhile xc racer of no repute (ie. I'm not very good!) and first time Transalp-ee this year

Oh, and I think I might be addicted to bike-bit-shopping on the internet, which is a bad thing seeing as I'm stuck behind a desk at work most of the time...

the kid
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by the kid

My name is Matt Potma, im a U17 expert road/XC racer from Coquitlam, BC, just outside of Vancouver. I won the BC High School championships for grade 9... and I love to ride :lol:
I'm surprised how many Canadian cadet/juniors there are here!

2004 Abbotsford BC summer games--

and the summer games podium.. unfortunately, I only got 3rd...
(8)climb hard or never be seen(8)

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by xcfisher

My name's Noah -
I'm 21 Years old, and a Pro/Elite Racer in the US. My race bike of the moment is a 9.5kg Scalpel

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by Hugo

Now it's my turn?
My name is David and i am originaly from germany, 23year old student but at the moment i am in southafrica, but not only for training :wink:
I am mostly doing mtb-marathons or 24h races in germany and europe.
Since sep. 04 my rotwild RCC08 isn't alone any longer, i bought a cheap roadbike for training, which will boost my speed a lil' bit(at least i hope so :lol: )
pictures are going to follow soon

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by YetiRacer

SPRUNG wrote:
Hey yeti racer. Did you do the GMSR(04')?

no don't race on the road, but my teammate Jamey Driscol won last year (he wasn't my teammate at the time). The closest I get to road races is my 'cross bike, which i do a lot of road training on.

i always go watch the crit though! and take photos, photography is my other hobbie :lol:

did you race?

Resident Pro
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by zakeen

Hello, my name is adam hansen. I am from Cairns, Australia. But currently living in Austria.

My 8.8kg rig!

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by checky

nice pic and funny track !

by Weenie

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