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Stevie Boi
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by Stevie Boi

hey, i'm steve, just turned 19. i race in sport category in scotland. heres a pic of racing the British Champs at Fort William last year, bike is my Giant XTC, been very modified since then. (punctured on the second lap :( )


by Weenie

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by askhybel

My Name is Ask. I'm 25 years old and live in Copenhagen / Denmark. I'm studying so the Mtb is just for fun...and fun it is :D

Tjek out my website by the way - It's in danish but has some nice pictures...

I won the race this photo is from... :D My first mtb-win ever !

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Visit my site - www.askhybel.webbyen.dk

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by Cubeman


I am Martijn AKA Cubeman on several forums.
I'm a 25 years old MX Project Engineer from Holland.
I ride a custom Storck Adrenalin Race (11.1kg) and a custom Cube Airwing Blackline (10.6kg).
I don't ride a lot at the moment but plan on biking a lot more when a get a bit more time of in the near future.
When spring comes i usualy bike a few times a week, on and of road combined.

Here are two pictures of me and my bike during my last biketrip.
I look a bit angree on one picture but usualy smile and joke a lot:)


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by williesurvives1

Hi! everyone calls me Willie
I was riding ever since I was a kid

now im a old timer but can still kick some young but on a bike

I use to work as a Automotive Mech. but left it after about 6 years

and whenever I get a chance I like to race my mountain bike if it's not out of my way of course

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by Deruneinholbare

I'm 21 jears old
I live in Germany and I study mechanical engeneering and economica and management (Wirtschaftsingenieur Maschinenbau) at the TU Darmstadt.
I am an XC and MA racer!
( I'v won the race the photo is of! it was -4°C!!)

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by Mumi

Hello to everyone :)
i am Muhammed Z. Kartal.
iam 20,Racing[not Racing,Trying to Race!!] in U-23 category.From Turkey/ Konya.Riding seriously about 2 years.Raced in 2 races only..[yeah,i suck about race experience a bit..]

i don't have Sponsor and coach[Know your chances..;)]
including family,my only Supporter is God... :D

That picture is taken at Alanya Race.i was going downhill with my tinplate(!) 14KG bike..

it was last year,God Bless..
Now i got;


my little Tiger..it's about 10.5 - 11 KG.

Got KRON frame,
RST Omega Air Fork,
Scud Bar-Barends
XT'97 Shifters
Conti Explorer Pro tires

Got a little site..

*Any rider,who wants to meet-chat please PM :] [So we can meet,share our knowledge and discuss about everything]

Success to all Riders!
Only immortals leave their wheel marks to the places,where mortals wont be able to walk

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by nexusheli

Howdy. I'm Nick. 26. I started racing 12 years ago, I was riding Downhill at the birth of the era, dual-slalom and doing XC on good days. After riding Juniors in Pennsylvania for 4 years with the likes of Floyd Landis, I gave up the bike for real life for a while.

I started riding again last summer in a local grassroots program, did a few winter short-track races and plan on going full out this summer again riding exclusively XC. I'm currently in Charlotte, NC USA. I'm 6' tall and 155lbs, have been for probably 8 years.

In the photo I'm riding my current 2000 K2 Razorback HT Grassroots Team bike, it comes in a little heavy at ~24lbs (10.9kg). Only yesterday I recieved a brand new '02 Razorback SL Carbon with Fox RL shock via FedEx direct from K2. I just weighed it this morning on a state-certified scale used for coffee beans, it came in at 5.91lbs (2.68kg). With planned parts and using actual weights posted on this website it should build up into a nice 22.5lbs. I'll post photos of the frame in the forums later.

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by Tirep

Hi all
My name is Erwan and I am a new guy on the forum. I live in France, and I ride a Kona HeiHei. I am working as a consultant.

Cheers !!
Ride whatever the ground looks like!

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by Sandal

Hey! I’m Denys aka Sandal among cyclists. This year I’m 24. I’m a bike fanatic and also a weight weenie to a reasonable extent. I ride road, endurance marathons and best of all XC, which is close to obsession. I’m from Europe, Ukraine, a beautiful country standing out with its recent orange revolution, boxers Klichko, soccer player Shevchenko, and that we’re hosting Eurovision this year (the event is actually booming outside my window.)

Here’s the bike I owed last year. MCM frame, marathon fork, martas, X0, stylo, SPD, AmClassic, Mavic, Syntace, other light stuff. – totaling at about 9kgs. This year I plan to build a whole new bike on Magnesium frame, with similar equipment, Mag road bike, and probably a full suspension.

Ride fast, but beware, I’m passing on your right!!!!........... YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
holding the bike (small).jpg
Kyiv, Dubky, 2004 season close race
weight concerned = good, weight obsessed = bad!

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by *adrenalin*

hi, my name is oliver aka *adrenalin* in several forums. i´m 34 years old an live in germany.

for me mountainbiking is fun and it´s also fun for me ride light bikes. but: my bikes are a lot better than my output :oops:


quantec rohloff 8,8 kg

storck adrenalin 9,57 kg

---_\ <,

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by R3ad0x

Hello my name is Sarunas and im from Lithuania. well like everybody im driving MTB and im Trialist well not werry good but i am. Bike is like my second hoby becouse my main hoby is jumping.... well i think u dont understand but i will show u one site where u can read about it Urban Free Flow
Im not like fast driving, im those who cant catch

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by Leon

Hi, my name is Leon and i live in Austria since 2 month. I lived in The Netherlands before (Friesland). I'm 30 years old and biking since 2 months. I did a lot of mountainbiking in my early years ('93 - '96). In those days i had a Koga Miyata Skyrunner (carbon alu frameset). I wish i still had that bike...cult!! I did race in those days and competed against Bart Brentjes (when he was still a local hero in '94). Now i just bike for fun.

I work at a autobahnrestaurant but if you see my website...(my wife is now organizing Nordic Walking trips).. i am planning on organizing mountainbike trips next year. Here in Austria (Leogang) you can take Bikeguide lessons what means that if you pass you can organize trips.

So for all the people who are in to trips....watch my website. I don't have a pic from me riding my bike, i will take care of this a.s.a.p.

If you want to see my bike look in the forum under: what do you ride? The Klein was my dreambike in 93 along with a Breezer. Then i did not have the money to buy one of those bikes....now i have....so i bought my dreambike.

Happy mountainbiking!!


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by sniperworks


my Name is Marco am 25 atm and I've been riding a mountainbike for over 10 years now, I'm from the Netherlands.

I am also a member of the dutch mtb discussionboard (mountainbike.nl) but came here because I wanted to learn more about lowering the weight of my bike(s) on the dutch site most Mountainbikers are not really interested in lowering the weight of their bikes... they often find it a waist of time and money. so I did not get much help there. it is more often that they find me weird if I say that 50g is a nice weight saving.. :roll:

so I hope I can find some hints and tips to improve my bike, I am not a super weightfreak but I do like to give it a nice mix of good looking and light parts but still keep it comfortable enough.


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by aki

Time for me to introduce... I'm Aki, age 31. I live in the southern part of Finland, town called Tampere. My occupation is at technical university, in the field on electrical engineering.

I ride on trails almost daily, but I don't really race. Weather conditions here in Finland are interesting from the mountain biking point of view. About 1/4 of the year (summer) trails are mostly dry and you don't need lights in the forest even in the night. About 5/12 of the year (spring and autumn) it's wet and dark. About 1/3 of the year the trails are dry and white (winter). Then it is very clean to ride on the trails. :) Your bike is at least as clean after the training as it was before it. The only problem is a bit chill weather...

By the way, soccer is another close friend of mine. ;)


by Weenie

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