2012 Cervelo R5 VWD *Updated*

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by dlin88

hey stephen,

I'm going your route and getting GXP sram exogram crankset with Enduro adaptors.
I have a question. I hear that there may be some play in the BB with enduro adaters.
did you have that problem?
what kind and how many spacers did u use on you crankset with the adapters.

If possible, can you take a pic of the BB with the adaptors? I'm not sure which way the Enduro adaptors fit.


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by drmutley

Dont go the Enduro adaptor route if u can... They are a complete pain in the ass when it comes to trying to get the chain line right, and trying to eliminate creaks and noises from the BBright carbon shell. The cervelo BBright system is problematic enough to get to run quietly with the right BB30 cups and crank... Read all the loctite threads on the cervelo forum about it...

I had to run a GXP quarq in my S5 (same BB shell) for 3 weeks and never again! (my BB30 quarq needed sending back to US for warranty)

To answer your question:
11mm collar on DS + adaptor.
0 to 3mm of spacers on NDS + NDS enduro adaptor to take up any play. (I ran 0 as I had to run a 2mm DS spacer to get the chain line remotely right)

Here's an outline and pics of my woes with the Enduro adaptors

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