Stoked! Exp001 - 5671g/12.47lb

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by prendrefeu

I don't find it necessary.
On a MTB? Yes. Chain slappin' happens.
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by wojchiech

what'd you do to get your omni post to < 100g? Was it mostly from cutting the post/sanding, or was there more bolt/hardware tuning or similar? All the hardware is already Al or Ti.

p.s. I'm asking because I also have an omni post - I love it, but it's at 135g currently. I haven't sanded the logos/clearcoat, but already cut it to length (about 300mm). Yours looks a little shorter pref, which might account for it being a bit lighter...

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

27.2mm seatpost, cut down to a point where I felt comfortable with it in the seattube, but it is longer than I actually wanted). Sanded off the logos. As with everything, permanent-clearcoated using Opti-Coat 2.0. I did not do any bolt tuning, but I've thought about it, and may also take away some interior section of the cradle at some point. No internal sanding of the tube, but it is possible - donald did that on an older seatpost he once used on his sub 4kg bike. It was a Performance Forte with setback... I had the same post, could only get it down to 110, he had his down to 86 (I believe).
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by wolfesquire

So where do you get this frame....? My Allez is on its last leg, but I want to keep with a 27.2 seatpost.

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by willy, what a nice bike! Attention to detail is inmaculate...regarding the heating when you go descend from saddle peak say down piuma or stunt? Would you descend in them confidently down flores canyon rd?
Again. Reallly nice ride

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by prendrefeu

Thanks willy! :beerchug:
Piuma and Stunt aren't that steep on descent, so they don't bother me too much and I'm not braking often. Normally I don't descend much with brakes anyway on those, just a little braking here and there to feather in the speed into the corners. I'm more concerned about the steeper and technical descents, like going down Las Flores, Tuna or Deer Creek. But so far, shorter steep technical descents in Bel Air have been fine, so that may be an indication it'll be ok for my needs. We'll see!
Come on out, man! The weather is starting to turn perfect.

Wolfesquire - I bought it off of an online shop operating from Taiwan (cycleshop Taiwan... I think) but they're no longer selling the Figmo frames. I think the guy who runs Velocite bikes is some how related to that online shop, but I'm not sure.
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by jever98

I can't quite tell from the pics (and sorry if I missed it in the thread). Are those standard red iLinks or are they pink? If they are pink, where did you get the custom color from or how did you get it done?

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by prendrefeu

They're a neon pink (or hot pink), which is sort of hard to truly pick up on screen. At least it wasn't neon orange (which is one of the few colours impossible to replicate on a screen). I guess the best visual estimate would be these sunglasses as a match, but even that doesn't quite show up as bright as you'd see in person.

All parts you see in pink were taken apart. I removed the bearings & spacers from the BB cups, reduced alloy parts down to their bare components as much as possible. The iLinks were un-linked into hundreds of individual bits, mini and regular in separate bags. Everything but the iLinks were personally cleaned by sandblasting with an alloy-friendly media, iLinks were chemically cleaned by the company I used to anodize everything at once.

Since bright colors fade, everything was coated with Opti-Coat 2.0 for a permanent UV protectant coating prior to installation.

I used a local shop, they've done a lot of work for local frame builders and are familiar with bike components. I hope to work with them again at some point soon.
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by addictR1

just found this post and damn........... i'm stoked as hell! that is one sexy bike! way to rock HOT PINK!!

i just love the frame on that... beautiful patterns...

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by stef32

I like on how you gave it a nice personnal touch without going overboard.

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by fletch62

Logo included, which is a brand concept I've been playing around with. So it's my own design for wordmark and logo. Being the person I am, I already did a mini-side project and designed the brand's full identity suite, letterhead & stationary, everything. Why not be thorough about it? I don't like to half-ass anything in my life.

Really? After research you came up with 'stoked'?
No offense, but all i associate 'stoked' with, is waxhead surfers who repeat the term ad nauseam.
Maybe its just an aussie thing.
Other than the name the bike is great :thumbup:

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by JkAlentejano

Great build prendrefeu! We always like those infinite budget builds, but are these well though light but not expensive bikes that i really like, as many said i would also had some tubulars on it, for the same tire weight would save you about 150g on some 50mm china tubulars, but i'm sure you already done the math many times :wink: and being that a question of personal taste that you already explained your reasons i'll leave you to it.

Has the rest of the build there is not much you can change to save some significant grams and not spend big bucks, maybe you can find some chain rings that will save some grams, even at some cost of shifting performance but with a 50\34 and 11\28 cassete i guess you should not change ring at front often. The fork is a saving gram place too, but has always the negative of never being so good visually as the original fork and it's not a cheap part...

Good rides

Ps: aesthetically some vynil on the crank arm would not look bad

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by trustbran

Wow that's hot! :D

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by monkeyburger

NICE work. The colour balance is perfect.
I'd like to know more about the material used for the hoods.


ps; you forgot the "R"
...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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by konky

wolfesquire wrote:Why did you go clincher instead of tubular?
I understand the "fear" of being caught in the middle of nowhere, but between the weight savings and living in SoCal...

Also, and of course this is a matter of opininion , but I find a nice pair of tubs soooooo much more comfortable especially with lowish PSI (say around 100). Wouldn't that make a big difference on one of your insane 200 + mile ventures?

by Weenie

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