Parlee z5sl

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by commfire

Managed to take some pics after a ride.
My first gallery post so go easy.
Parlee z5sl Large
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by jsinclair

great looking bike!

white saddle/tape and tanwalls look perfect with the frame.

a hollowgram would suit this bike nicely i think...

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by krzysiekmz

I hate tan sidewalls and would go with Claviculas, perhaps M3

For me the new Dura Ace cranks do not fit with just about any bike on the market today...

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by nspace

Looks awesome. I like the tan sidewalls.

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by grid256

Specialized cranks with logos sanded off. That way you can still rock an SRM and keep the same q-factor as the DAs. You'll also lose 220 grams. Boom!

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by jmilliron

I wouldn't change anything. Looks like a solid setup that's ready to eat miles.
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by phazon

How you finding those rims? Was considering those for my SL.

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by commfire

Thanks for the comments, the tan walls definitely are an individual thing. I like how they break up the all black look.

Rims are great so far. I am a big believer in the wide rims. Brake track is smooth. Weight seems reasonable. All around happy with them.

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by davec

very nice. Everything flows together nicely. Very tasteful.

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by Krull

a beautiful, quiet bike, modest style, very nice!
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by carlislegeorge

Beautiful, but then I already am a Parlee believer and have the Z5 SLi.

I don't care for the tan sidewalls either, but if you really like that look then why not go with tan bar tape as well.
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by Ozrider

Nice bike, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my my Z5.
Ozrider - Western Australia
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by shoopdawoop

Love the bike! Classic but a real riders bike!

I would suggest a THM M3 SRM, best looking crank I have ever seen and would fit this bike wonderfully!

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by konky

Parlee have quite an old fashioned look in my view. Particularly around the head tube. They look a bit like they are steel, so the tan sidewalls sort of fit.

Great if you like the vintage look as they are a brilliant ride.

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by Ritchiel1707

Nice ride dude. I have exactly the same wheels and tyres but with black hubs. Look sweet dont they!!!

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