My Stable Cervelo S1 and Ribble Evo

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by Monkeyboy3333

Hi all, I've been on here a while but never posted my two properly since a few changes have occured. I like to read about bikes and whats makes people tick so that's what I have done here so apologies for a bit of a ramble.

Cervelo S1 Summer Steed


Build is as follows

Frame - Cervelo S1 56cm
Group - Campag Centaur other than Ultegra 50/34 Chainset due to Powetorque issues ( covered in another thread!)
Wheels - Pro lite Braccianos
Tyres - Conti GP4000s 23c
Tubes - Butyl
Cables - Campag
Bars - Deda RHM01
Stem - 3T Arx Pro
Saddle - Fizik Aliante Kium
Cassette - 12-25 Campag Centaur
7.7kg as seen

and the Winter Steed
Ribble Evo Pro Carbon - Med


Build is as follows
Group - Full Campag Centaur , Carbon 53/39
Wheels - Campagnolo Khamsin
Tyres - Conti Gatorskin 23c
Tubes - Butyl
Cables - Campag
Bars - 3T Ergononva Pro
Stem Syntace F149
Saddle - Fizik Aliante Kium
Cassette - 13-29 Campag Centaur
Pedals - Look Keo Classic
Guards - SKS
8.8kg as seen

I got into Road riding after realising I needed to get some weight off, I started at 17st in Oct 2010 and now at 14st 10lb in Oct 2012 so I continue to be motivated for fitness and for the love of being out on a ride. I save the Cervelo for dry days whether they be Summer or Winter and the Ribble is brought out for the rainy grimy days we all endure at some point in the UK.

I buy some cheap stuff, I buy some expensive stuff (by my standards anyway) I will buy a Decathlon Jersey for 7 euros as happily as I will buy a £100 Assos Jersey. I have found that by investing in some quality pieces and some more disposable pieces that fit my needs then I am comfy on the bike, feel good and don't strip my wallet bare.

I enjoy my bikes for some common and some different reasons -

Ultimately I like being out on them, regardless of weather. I would rather do 20 miles outside in the rain than 20 miles indoors on a trainer. Maybe I wouldn't be working as hard but the joy is being out....

The S1 frame I got for a steal and love the direct nature of alu ( admittedly not WW! ) Its quick, I think in part due to the aero nature of the frame but most probably the placebo effect of being on my 'best' bike. Its stiff, but I happily ride it for day long rides when time allows c80-100miles. The Cervelo was full Campag centuar until an annoying creak/tick from a Powertorque chainset made me switch to an Ultegra model ( click now gone ). I will soon be changing the Deda bars to Ergonovas.
My body weight means that WW thinking should be down to my calorie intake for the most part rather than the bike, that said I can really feel the difference in rotational weight of my pro lite wheels vs. khamsins on the Ribble. On the whole the Cervelo is lighter and even I can feel this.

The Ribble I like for different reasons, its comfy, winter ready and was my first venture into carbon after having a Bianchi Via Nirone.

I'd love to hear thoughts on modest budget WW upgrades. Fizik Aliantes will always stay but I'm already thinking swapping the saddles around so that black is on the winter steed and I can then do white bar tape and white saddle on the Cervelo for a 'Euro' look.

No, my bikes are not WW exotica but to me the they are everything I need ( and probably more )

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