Speedvagen road 2012

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by junfeng

rosss wrote:Build List:
Speedvagen OS tubing and Enve 1.0 fork
Enve stem
Chris King inset headet
Fizik Antares 00 carbon saddle
Enve carbon seatmast topper
EE brakes
Ritchey classic alum bar
Campy record shifters, chain, front/rear derailleurs, 11-25 cassette
Clavicula cranks/BB, Praxis works 53/39 rings
Lizard skin tape
King Cage Ti cages
(soon) Dura Ace full carbon pedals
alchemy hubs (18/24), sapim cx ray spokes, alum nips, HED Ardennes clincher rims

gonna be hard for me to lose weight on this bike, 17 lbs feels good! the OS tubing/seat mast is weighing it down

Yes, definitely going to be tough cutting some weight from there. But it is one hell of a classy build. And yes, I would build the exact same way you did if I had the space for just one more bike... :thumbup:

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by btompkins0112

Steel builds cannot be judged on weight.......I bet that thing rides like an absolute dream. Well worth the weight penalty in my book.

by Weenie

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by modebo

OMG! Fantastic looking bike, love the classic lines!!! This is a real bike.
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by sneeeky

absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :beerchug:

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by prendrefeu

This one might be taking a vote for Bike of the Year (Road)
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by rosss

That would be awesome!

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by fadr

Pretty nice! But I would try to ee crank with Fiber-Lite or Cabon-Ti chainrings and some carbon handlebars, e.g. Schmolke or AX Lightness :-)

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.
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by Bantamben

Yeah speedvagens are probably the best looking bike out but they are tanks. The ones ive seen are really heavy I saw a 57 top tube with a 200cm headtube it was 2650 grames frame and fork. That's heavy even if you consider it has the seatpost if you minus an average weight of say 250 grams your still looking at 2400 frame and fork. Pretty heavy about same weight as a colnago master with steel fork

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by fa63

Sounds about right for a large steel frame. Definitely not the first choice for a weight weenie build, though they look very nice.

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by Mr.Gib

Very classy.

Not a criticism but if it were mine I would prefer a stem that was a little less chunky than the Enve, and that had an angle that matched the angle of the top tube.
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by Thrillho

This is nice. One thing about these bikes is that pictures do not do them justice. The level of detail and precision in the paint is astonishing--but you kind of have to see them up close to fully appreciate it.
My 09 SV road is just about done getting a re-paint now. I cant wait to see how it turns out. I am already planning to get my '10 SV cross repainted in a year or two as well.
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