Speedvagen road 2012

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by jz4nyc

holy smokes that's nice.

is that ee brake bolt rusting or is it copper anti seize on there?

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by Timo

And if I ever meet an aardvark, I'm going to step on its damn protruding nasal implement until it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it.

by Weenie

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by trustbran

Thats F'n sick!

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by serbelo

Luv it!
Cervelo R2.5
Cervelo P2c
Cervelo R3
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by Wingnut

Beautiful...absolute magic! :thumbup:
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by kgt

Don't you think it deserves a pair of carbon tubulars? :)

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by Juanmoretime

Pure art. It appears that is should be hung on a wall and not ridden. :thumbup:

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by basilic

Beautiful bike, and the photography is top notch as well

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by Rumsas

beautiful bike, and beautiful pics. very nice job mr.

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by rosss

Thanks for the kind words guys!
It's an awesome bike!

no rust on EE's, just antiseize and dirt
Photos by John 'Prolly' Watson

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by junfeng

Beautiful bike there! :beerchug:

But what's up with the weight? It seems way too heavy for some reason??? :noidea:

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by ross

Really lovely

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by em3


But that horrible bar tape install hurts my eyes....EM3

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by GT56

very nice frame, I would like the bike a whole lot better if completely campagnolo

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by rosss

junfeng wrote:Beautiful bike there! :beerchug:

But what's up with the weight? It seems way too heavy for some reason??? :noidea:

Build List:
Speedvagen OS tubing and Enve 1.0 fork
Enve stem
Chris King inset headet
Fizik Antares 00 carbon saddle
Enve carbon seatmast topper
EE brakes
Ritchey classic alum bar
Campy record shifters, chain, front/rear derailleurs, 11-25 cassette
Clavicula cranks/BB, Praxis works 53/39 rings
Lizard skin tape
King Cage Ti cages
(soon) Dura Ace full carbon pedals
alchemy hubs (18/24), sapim cx ray spokes, alum nips, HED Ardennes clincher rims, KCNC skewers

gonna be hard for me to lose weight on this bike, 17 lbs feels good! the OS tubing/seat mast is weighing it down
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by Weenie

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