My Chinese FM015 Build

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by gigantor7


I've done a fair bit of lurking to obtain some information about the FM015 and Chinese carbon frames, so I figured I'd post my (not so light) build.

At first I was skeptical of the hongfu FM015, and the whole idea of frames coming from China, but I'm here to report that I'm actually very satisfied.

The frame arrived at my door 2 or 3 days after speaking to Jenny at HF. After opening it and inspecting it, I for some reason felt compelled to slap on that "MASH" sticker.

As my previous bike had been wrecked, I sold off the old parts, ordered SRAM rival and an FM015 and never looked back. Not having a bike, with all these parts around was killing me!

The first road bike I've built start to finish. It feels good to know that I can service my own bike.

Specs :

(Bike isn't exactly light. haven't weighed it yet, but I'm sure it is about 7.7kg / 17 pounds)

110mm ITM alutech stem
44cm ITM alutech handlebars
HF FM015 Frameset - Size 55
Easton EA30 seatpost
Fizik arione saddle
Look keo 2 max pedals
SRAM Rival
GP4000s contis

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by Juanmoretime

:welcome: Welcome to the forum. You would not want to build it superlight bike right off the start since what would you have to do later? Very nice cost effective build and if it gets you back on he road.....

Please post a ride report and what possible upgrades you have in mind.


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by gigantor7

Thanks Juan. I definitely prioritized getting back on the road (lost about 4 weeks of riding in the process).

Ride quality

The bike feels incredibly snappy and there's a good road feel to it. I'd say if one were looking for a frame that is quick and nimble, this would be it. It feels very similar to my older CAAD10. I've had bikes that took away the feeling of the road a bit too much. I'd say this frame's ride quality is somewhere between a CAAD10 and a less aggressive, entry-level carbon offering.


As far as upgrades go, my bike weighs about 17-18 lbs currently. In the past I've never been too concerned about weight, as I've never owned a bike that was lighter than 17-18 pounds.

With that said, I feel like I'm turning into a "weight weenie." Never have I become so obsessed with part weights as when I built up this bike. I figure I'll upgrade the alloy components and shave off nearly a pound. Really love the ksyrium elites (got a great deal on them used), and not too concerned about replacing them (though some of those chinese carbon wheels are tempting to try out).

Open to suggestions on what would be the best parts to upgrade from a full Rival groupset.

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by gigantor7


Just thought I'd add an updated photo. No matter how hard I tried to get away from the stealth look, it happened. I thought my SRAM rival crank would at least come with silver chainrings...

Everything remains the same, except for a pair of brand new Reynolds Assault wheels! I'd love to add bits of color, but this will spiral into a never-ending struggle. I just know it..

I got the wheels for $600, so I consider it a great deal. As an added bonus, they helped drop some weight and my bike feels lighter overall.

Ride report on these wheels is that they are phenomenal! They are the most expensive wheels I have ever ridden, and make a fantastic whooshing sound when accelerating.

I've found the braking to be more than satisfactory. The bike feels so refined and smooth now, even over potholes in SF. Does it get any better than this? I feel like I have everything I need...

Next upgrade(s) : recabled with something nicer. change the seatpost to something that doesn't weigh 380 grams.

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by wolfesquire

I suggest a Merek or KCNC seatpost. Both weigh/cost 175g/$125

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by gigantor7

I found a controltech seatpost for $70 used on craigslist. Claimed weight of 166 grams. Not exactly sure if it will fit the look of my bike :


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by nevermindthebikeshop

Just wanted to thankyou for this thread am considering one of these myself. I am actually trying summarise the current options and peoples experiences with the different brands of erm unbranded frames! Anyway a very nice build and further inspiration to me! Has anyone else tried this frame out for their own builds?
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