Trek SC 7 Series

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by thisisatest

I like the gold chain, it's the orange-gold of the bolts that kinda ruins it. Gold can be done, but not everywhere.
Are you going to "tune" the rear brake? That would be an interesting project in itself.

by Weenie

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by istigatrice

prendrefeu wrote:The 200g+ is typical for most deep-profiled frames.

Are you telling me that a Cervelo S5 (base model) that weighs 1500g or whatever should really be 1300g? and that the VWD will be less than 1000g?
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by prendrefeu

Depending on the paint job, possibly.

This SC7 had a lot of paint on it - a full paint job of gray, black, and probably an underlayer of white (the easiest method since it's easy to cover white instead of painting white over gray or black).

If your Cervelo has a lot of paint on it and deep profiles - then yeah, 200g is a good guess. If there is minimal paint on it and the tubes are smaller in diameter/profile, then you're looking at more or less 100g. Again, paint dependent. White is a heavy paint, by the way! It has to be laid on pretty thick in order to make opaque.
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