C59 & Campag EPS Build

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by AliP

Here's some pics of my latest build I thought I'd share...

Frame: C59 Team Europcar 50s (inc front hanger & headset cups) - 1118g, fork uncut - 410g
My C59 5.jpg
My C59 7.jpg

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by AliP

And the current build list....

Prologo Saddle: 185g
Colnago Seatpost: 215g
Headset: 79g
Seatpost collar: 25g
Deda Zero 100 bars: 278g

S/R EPS Rear Mech: 199g
S/R EPS Front Mech: 132g
S/R EPS Levers: 264g
EPS Interface: 21g
EPS Battery: 168g
S/R Crankset: 588g
S/R BB Cups: 46g
S/R DP Brakes: 301g
Campag EPS.jpg

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by astranoc

Can't wait to see this finished. Are you going to change stuff (brakes, crankset etc) around to lower the weight?

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by xFree

:thumbup: Superb!
Can't wait to see the complete bike. :beerchug:

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by sugarkane


My mate has a time vsr with SR eps and hyperons.
He managed to clap the rear mech cable in the QR.. Result. New rear mech : :shock:

Still a totally awesome bike though!

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by coppercook62

Man that looks sweet.

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by cerro

Wow, Bora or Hyperon wheels? ;) Seems like a lovely build and bike :D
/jonas l
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giant man
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by giant man

lovely lovely and imo the nicest colourscheme of 2011 for the C59, looking forward to this build

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by AliP

With the wheels. These actually came in under weight. Supposed to be 1185g, think at the time when I weighed them they were 1174g.

Still waiting on a number of items that are currently out of stock to start the build (battery holder, bottom bracket wire kit, handlebar stem)....

@astranoc.... no upgrades really planned at the moment, just want to get it built as quick as possible so I can start riding it. Will see what comes out at Eurobike which might make me change my mind! Although I think some Lightweight Gipfelsturm wheels would look awesome on it.
My C59 8.jpg

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by LionelB

It looks sweet. I love the fact that Colnago still take a braze on FD.

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Love the paint scheme on this...

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by dcaspira

+ 1 Gipfelsturm

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by kevosinn

wow so nice!
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