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by canbakay

Several parts are being switched out for lighter parts which will eventually go on a ww build. What ever that comes off will be saved to go back on the Dogma. I've started looking for frames but I'm not in a rush. I'd like to build a sub 5.5kg goat without compromising on braking power or tire quality. Perhaps veloflex records. Should have all gathered by the coming summer.

So far I've loved what I've read about stork 0.6 but I'd like something less 'common', Raugmer Uberlight :D
I'm open to suggestions to something along those lines. I'm 72kg and loosing at the moment so weight restrictions aren't a problem.

The budget isn't a huge issue as I'm spreading the purchases. This way it doesn't become lump sum and part won't gather dust.

I'd like to see if I can get it down to 6.2kg, currently it is at 7050g with 2 cages.

I've ordered some parts that should arrive within the week, as a starter.

Tune top cap and screw 4g
Tune skyline skewers 17,5g
Extralite expander UltraStar II 7g
Ax-lightness Endurance Saddle 76g (which has very similar measurements as my prologo scratch pro)

Some 'free' savings:

Zipp 404 stickers X 12 14g
Removed one cage (which goes back on when necessary) 29g

By realistic calculations that saves 218g bringing it down to just over 6.8g

Next, I'll be tuning the RD which will be followed by some test rides on a set of Lightweights :D

With an ax cockpit, I'd save a further 96g.

I'd love to hear some suggestions and help!

DSC_1499 by canbakay, on Flickr

Can you please combine these and update the original thread. Thank you

by Weenie

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by nismosr

love the color and build, what size is the frame ? can you share the measurement from center of bb to the top of the saddle ?
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by anquetil

Uh, it wil be very hard to go on 6,2 kg. Without changing wheels almost impossible. A lot weight you can spend with seatpost combo BERK (on WW forum) approx. 250 -300g.
With Campy SR would be much easyier.

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by Chadbus25

@Canbakay - do you ride around Victoria Park on this beauty? I saw someone with a very similar build doing laps round there a few weeks ago?

Lovely ride BTW - one of the better Dogmas that I've seen. Good luck with the WW plans...

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