SuperSix EVO /RED-green

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by panchohughes

Hello all-
Somewhat new to this site, but i have been lurking for awhile. I built a Colnago CX-1 last year and love that bike, but I wanted to build a meaner more race oriented bike. I first saw the SuperSix EVO last year at a bike shop and wanted one ever since. Pulled the trigger earlier this year. Started racing and did surprisingly well. Had a couple 4th place finishes and some top 10's. I had my first serious crash a couple/three weeks ago. Ended up rebuilding a lot of the bike. I ghosted my enve 45's. My wife talked me into trying the 2 color Lizard skin tape and I kind of like it. Matches the berserker green pretty well i think.
Bike is just under 15 but i do have a powertap Pro on it. I like the ride quality of my Colnago better, but this bike is faster/quicker no question.
Comments welcome.

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by konky

Really nice build.

Out of interest why do think it's quicker than the Colnago. Different geometry, lighter, smoother, handling?

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by ajmit3

I agree, really nice build. I think the tape doesn't match the bike though , I'd suggest the green by fizik.. But yeah, sweet bike.

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by tibikeboy

Hi nice Evo! If you are ever looking for a better shade of green bar tape to match the Cannondale Green, the Fizik bar tape is a very good option. Cannondale also sells their own bar tape. ... _1407.html

I find the cannondale bar tape extremely easy to wrap.

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by kgt

As good as it gets :thumbup:

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by xFree

Really good looking bike!.... :beerchug:

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by prendrefeu

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by SSB

Looking good! I never tire of seeing EVOs.

I'd change the bar tape to the Fizik green for now. If you ever get the itch to upgrade, get some Hollowgram SL cranks and it'll be boss.
2012 Cannondale CAAD10

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by mdeth1313

Nice! I saw red/green and I thought I was going to see some horrible "frog in a blender" bike but (thankfully) this is much nicer.
Speedplay is the devil!

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by SDP

black tape
alligator black cables
some SISLs
stronglight CT or praxis rings ....
& that will be a "DON" of 'dales

nice work

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by dereksmalls

So what is the weight and build spec on this? It looks pretty cool but yeah, change the tap to a single colour.

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