2012 Cinelli Pro Best Of Italo'79 *** Now with pics ***

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by SWijland

The forces applied will be roughly the same from the outside in vs. from the inside out. I am pretty sure you will be safe, but contact Cinelli if you want to be sure.

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by bobbyOCR

One is in compression and one is in tension. It would depend on the design of the tube. I would stick to tension based fixing as it is what the frame has been designed for if you run it with no supporting element.

The other option, if possible (and contradictory to my previous statement), is to get something like a KCNC seatpost, use an external clamp, cut the post short and clamp at the top. There would be a seatpost designed to be strong under compressive clamping force taking the load, so you reduce the risk of crushing the frame. It could work out >100g lighter than the current setup depending on how much tube you cut.
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by Weenie

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by mrfish

Rob English can build you anything you want:

- A custom cap, with setback if needed
- A Thomson seatpost modified to work like your current seat post. It weighs rather less than yours, but no setback. BMANX on here has one on his English, weight 96g.

3rd picture here.

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by fivethirtyonepm

i've taken the very un-ww view that it's not worth chasing my tail to reduce the weight in this area. the bike is never going to be a 5.5kgs whippet, but instead, a very comfortable, stiff bike, ideally suited to longer rides. besides, i wouldn't want to compromise the aesthetic appeal which the bike currently enjoys.

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by hasbeen

ultimately I went with the cut seatpost and collar combo clamped at the top of the mast route. See here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=108931
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

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