2013 Storck Fascenario 0.6

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by konky

This is my new crash replaced F0.6. The wheels are Dura Ace C35 tubs which are for every day use. I don't know overall weight. Just enjoying the unparalled ride quality. Storck have changed the paint job and apparently there's also some layup changes.

storck 006 by storck4, on Flickr

storck 015 by storck4, on Flickr

storck 008 by storck4, on Flickr

storck 008 by storck4, on Flickr

storck 013 by storck4, on Flickr

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by Valbrona

That might be a fancy lightweight seatpost, but does it get your saddle in the right position?

by Weenie

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by Biff

I was thinking the same.Very nice bike and all but a saddle setback of 1mm can´t be very functional?

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by michel2

looks awesome, also looks very unforgiving ?whats the ride like ?
very prety !!

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by RedComet

And integrated brake calipers. Nice :)

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by konky

michel2 wrote:looks awesome, also looks very unforgiving ?whats the ride like ?
very prety !!

I have commented on the F0.6 ride on previous posts. In my view the ride is exceptional. It is firm but all the better for it but not uncomfortable. For such an agile bike the ride is outrageously solid and precise. I haven't time trialled it yet but it feels significanty quicker than my R5. It feels so nippy and so stiff. I absolutely adore it. I can't whip the smile off my face when riding it. It's pure joy to to ride it. I've said it before and I'll say it again - in my view it's the best frame available on the market.

I'd be interested to hear what other F0.6 owners think it compares to what ever else they've ridden.

PS no more fitting comments please. For me this fit is perfect.

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by SSB

What happened to the first one? Also, how much does this new one weigh?

It looks great, and the standout is how the chainrings/crankset integrate with each other so well.
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by cerro

Really nice bike. Is it Fi'zi:k bar tape? Should get a lighter one, Deda perforated or something instead. Really curious about the total weight
/jonas l
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by konky

My 16 year old daughter accidentally broke my first F0.6. Her sleeve caught on a brake caliper, and caused it to fall over, the top tube hit a wooden bed frame. I kept it in a spare bedroom. The top tube cracked. Storck kindly let me get this replacement through their crash replacement policy even though strictly speaking it wasn't a crash that caused the damage.

I haven't weighed this frame. My last overal bike weight was about 5kg with my Ax/Tune wheels which are quite a bit lighter than the C35s. The F0.6 is Di2 specific and includes proper tyres, so an OK weight. I put the battery in the seat post with this build.

I know it's not very WW but I'm trying not to get too obsessed with weight and just enjoy my riding.

It is Fi'zi:k bar tape.

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by fadr

very cool :o

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by Pantani

I have a 2011 Fascenario. I entirely support your view about the ride quality. The combination of ride quality and stiffness together is unrivalled in my view. The bike builds up super light but has very planted handling. Expensive - but good expensive.
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by YinYang

What brand is the chain rings, Fiber Lyte?
How's the shifting and rings durability?

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by prendrefeu

Total weight?
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by Discoverspeed


Marvelous build.

Like you and other owners, I can never over-emphasize what a great frame the Fascenario is.

I had top end Pinarellos, Look, Time which are good rides but the difference between a Storck and all the others is substantial. The Storck is pure class.

The key question for me has always been, "how did Storck ever come up with such a stiff direct power transfer bike with superlative comfort"? They seem to have achieved the logically mutually exclusive attributes of stiffness and comfort together in one bike.

Nothing else comes close, except for the Fascenario F0.7IS I once had for years.

And oh yes, for those not used to the geometry, my friends and I who have Storcks had no problem adjusting to it. If anything, all of us agree that it has encouraged us to get into a more aerodynamically flat position as the bike simply coxes more speed out of us.

I for example, have now "improved" my position quite radically with the often commented longer than usual top tube of Storcks. I am now running close to zero stem stack (something which I had never been able to achieve before), allowing my hip angle to really open up and generate more power while getting more aerodynamic.

John Cobb, the often quoted guru of bike fits is an advocate of getting lower and opening up and I can say it works well. The longer top tube manages this lower drop better as the rider weight is still very balanced between the top tube instead of being thrown more forward as you get lower with a "standard" length top tube. In my view, the Storck geometry allows for fantastic handling at a lower and better aerodynamic position.
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by konky

YinYang wrote:What brand is the chain rings, Fiber Lyte?
How's the shifting and rings durability?

Yes Fibrelyte. I love these rings. They shift great and so far durability looks fine. They are very light and very stiff and in my opinion look cool.

by Weenie

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