My Bianchi's

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by strobbekoen

Just finished this build.
Straightforward: Record 11spd group, Look Keo Cromo, Deda alloy stem/bars, SLR saddle.
Zipp 404s with 25mm Vittoria's.

I know the celeste bottlecages look a bit tacky, i was expecting to receive black ones. But still not too bad.

Weight as pictured is 6.75kg




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by airwise

Lovely looking bike. Get's my vote.

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by Martin.F

Turned out great, Strobbe :thumbup:
WTB Syncros bar/stem unit for foil

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by os72

Very nice bike!

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by LittleSprinter

I don't know, I think Bianchi with celeste cages are one of the few bikes that awesome with color matching cages. I dig the cages.

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by sjc166

Great 2 cents, the cages look good too.

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by Willier

Great rig! Bottle cages look fine, keep them on!
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by WasFab


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by n1klass

Great looking bike man, really awesome. But I think it will look better if you remove the stickers from them Zipps. And keep the cages...

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by Montana

Well done!

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by salok

cool bike Koen !

my favorite bike from the peleton....

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by strobbekoen

Thanks for the comments guys.
I'll keep the cages on, they are the cheapo plastic ones :D They work very well though.
I wanted to keep the saddle and bartape black as it's just more practical and I didnt want to overdo the Celeste thing.

Klaus, my favorite bike in the peloton too. How are the wheels ?

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by ianeverton

Very nice :)

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by Timo

That's one very cool Bianchi :thumbup:
And if I ever meet an aardvark, I'm going to step on its damn protruding nasal implement until it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it.

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