my new bike

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by greenplay


Posts: 54
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by greenplay

Don't anybody like my trek

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by Frankie - B

I think that is not the problem. The issue is the "lazy" way of posting it. You need to try to make your topic attractive to go to and you could post a build list with all the weight of the separate parts.

Let me at least help you by putting the picture of your bike into img tags so that it shows when you open the topic.

The rest is up to you.

Thanks and good luck!
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by Ozrider

Welcome to the forum, it's nice to see more Treks appearing.
Look through a few threads on WW, generally new bikes have some info on what components are on the bike and the weight of your bike.
There is also a thread to post a pic of your Trek.
What model is your bike? It is a similar colour scheme to my 2014 5.9 Madone.

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by GT56

what is there to like about a roadbike with the handlebar as high as the saddle

ok, it has to fit you, but it doesn't look pretty

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by michel2

Hi greenplay,
First thing first, nice bike indeed !(;
It looks like you bike needs abitt more attention so perhaps you can do a nice write up with a spec list with or without weights.

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by FIJIGabe

Looks like a 2013 Madone 5.9 with Ultegra 6770. Can you give us a writeup of what's on the bike?

Also, you sponsored by SIDI? Two decals on the bike seems a bit much, no?
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