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by Weenie

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by LionelB

this bike looks pretty mean and probably is too! very nice.

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by ferrarista

beautiful bike! what wheels are those?

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by Malik

ferrarista wrote:beautiful bike! what wheels are those?

Thanks, Token T50 (w/out stickers + veloflex carbon).

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by Calnago

Yeah, I really like this, and the original blue, which I missed first time around. When it comes to bike geometry, there's stuff that I really like and stuff that I think "what the hell?". This works! The right amount of slope can be really nice, and this is what I consider a nice slope for this size of frame. I always like a horizontal top tube on a road bike of tube type construction, but there are instances where a slight slope works just as well, maybe even better, depending on your fit and setup. Nice job.
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by jz4nyc

That is really sharp! :beerchug:

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