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by Neuman

Recently picked this up and am looking to make a few (inexpensive) weight-saving upgrades. What do you have for me, WWs?


Current build:

Shimano 105 groupset (will upgrade to Sram soon)
Zipp service course stem
deda aluminum bars
look keo carbon pedals
ultegra crank
reynolds strike wheelset
fizik arionne saddle

Current weight: a bit heavier than I'd like it to be.

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by hungryalex

that bike looks like a blast to ride.
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by Stolichnaya

Nice looking bike.

First suggestion is: upgrade the group.
But, what is your budget? Knowing the figure to play with will help the forum recommend upgrades and weight loss for you.

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by Neuman

Thanks for the response guys.

My budget is in the $500 price-range, so less than a groupset. But if a groupset makes sense, I can always save up.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

I think that with some searching and luck you can get red shifters and a rear mech for that kind of money. Esp the shifters will save a good chunk of weight. the shimano front derailleur is compatible with the Sram shifters. then, after saving up some more you can get yourself the cranks, brakes and front derailleur.

Great platform for upgrades! great buy!
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by Neuman

Thanks for the responses, everyone.

So, it seems like a new groupset is the way to go. Thinking about going with Sram Red or Force.

I'll keep ya'll posted!

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by petepeterson

you would be amazed at the advancements in componentry over the past decade!!!

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by mrfish

Not sure I agree with the last comment. My experience is that any bike fitted with a full shimano groupset in the last 10 years shifts and brakes well. Yes there are differences, but it's small, so don't feel you're missing out. In fact the Ultegra 6700 on my tandem shifts more postively than the 7900 on my best bike and if you put Dura Ace pads on cheaper brakes they will work better than DA because the arms are beefier and therefore stiffer.

I'd agree with previous postings on your potential upgrade path though. But try the sram shifting before you buy as some love it, I personally don't as it causes some issues when you run out of gears uphill.

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by Neuman

I'm a big fan of 105. I like the feeling of the gears shifting and I actually enjoy how it isn't 100% smooth. However, it's quite heavy so I think an upgrade to SRAM Force is in my near future.

I tested the 2012 / 13 red and really enjoyed the shifting and it could definitely help shed a few grams.

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