Newbie Building a Merlin Extralight

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by Juanmoretime

I like it! Well done. There is something about a unpainted ti bike..... :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by willhouse

Thanks for the comments guys. First sportive ride today and did a lot better than I expected, and it was an absolute joy to ride.

Agreed on the Controltech post, but there may be a Controltech fork on its way to match.
I have all Controltech parts including carbon Skewers, Bottlecage and Bars on already to match.
Or.... could just polish up the Controltech stuff to match the fork :?

With regard to the stem, as I wanted the bike comfortable and without spacers, or so as to have the stem not too high I opted for the X4 stem as it has a zero rise/fall, I don't think there are many or any other stems on the market with a Zero angle.
Looks better than having a raised stem as it is currently at 90degrees to the headtube.
In future if I ever replace the fork I may get the tall Controltech carbon headset cap and run a negative angle Controltech stem, but for now I am more than happy with the build. If anything is having any money thrown at it, it will be wheels....

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by monkeyburger

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
Love the crank.
Love the stem angle.
Love those forks. Why change them?
How much offset does that seatpost offer?

...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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by CaptainP

I have to agree on the X4, it looks a little bulky. Maybe a 17degree X2 would look better.

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by RyanH

Off topic but where does one buy that bike stand?
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by JWolf

What year wa this bike built. I owned a Merlin Ti about 15 years ago. I don't think my fork was carbon - but farm was the same. Built it back then with full dura-ace and Mavic Helium Wheels. Really great bike. Sold it a few years ago and regret it.

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by Pantani

Lovely build. I wouldn't be in a hurry to change the fork - that Reynolds is very nicely made - not the lightest by today's standards, but of superb quality.

My own Extralight (circa 2000) is still going strong in my training partners hands.

A classic bike.
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by Krull

monkeyburger wrote:Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
Love the crank.
Love the stem angle.
Love those forks. Why change them?
How much offset does that seatpost offer?


i nearly agree in all points. just one thing, to be honest: i dont love the stem-angle, optically. but if its necessary for the owners needs, its, of course, no subject of debate.

all in all: beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! :thumbup:
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by willhouse

Again, thanks for the comments guys, its nice to know I've put something together which doesn't look garbage.

Yes, the stem angle is an odd one, but it is for my needs for comfort I am afraid. I may be able to run it 5mm lower max, but I am not long enough in the arm to have it any lower with a negative angle stem.
I would love to run it with a negative angle to align through with the top tube, but the steerer on the fork is not long enough for me to do that as I would need around 15mm more spacers.

There is an option to get a Controltech Lightning fork, but I am reluctant to do that as I see it as a downgrade from the Ouzo Pro which is original to the frame. I think it is a circa 2003 frameset, but not 100% sure, I have the receipt upstairs somewhere from the previous owner.

Anyway, couple more updates...

Bottlecage and ligher Ti/Carbon skewers...

Controltech Carbon Ti Skewers by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Controltech Bottle Cage by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

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