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by SWijland

Mario Jr. wrote:Somebody put a lunch box underneath the down tube... :frightened:


by Weenie

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by elviento

Good, but needs more drop.
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by Willier

Why is battery placed so high and not just uo the bb?
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by nathanong87

slammed stem on that frame with what appears to be a gigantic drop is sweet though.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

Incredible setup.

The Rb 800 is sexy compared to Rb 1000 :smartass:

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by mjduct

pretty nice bike, it you excuse the eurotrash frame amd the non vittoria/veloflex tires!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



now do us all a favor and ride it, pristine cassettes really annoy me!

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by The_Dude

russianbear wrote:All you're missing is an "inspiration" picture on the stem and you should be good to go.

Now that is a GREAT idea!!!! 4cm cut from ISP, btw, for those curious. Only one flat ride so far. Great acceleration. The shifter bodies of the EPS are quite longer than standard SR11.

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by fadr

Very nice bike.... !

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Roel W
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by Roel W


Why did turn that brake cable?
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by WinSuits

The_Dude wrote:I know....its been a while amigos. I get so lazy. WTF is wrong with me?? This is my favorite place to post bikes and have you guys rip on them. Go to the Pista Palace facebook if you want to make fun of us over there. I thought I would post this latest bike, however, since it is DAMN GLORIOUS!!!!
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Beautiful bike, but it needs more saddle-bar drop.

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by CarlTroy

Trying to pull the same joke as a few posts above and at the same time quoting the OPs first post containing all the pics?

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by Mackers

Yeah, he just needed a couple more posts so he could sell his crap.

I wouldn't expect any kind of reply.

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by LiveFastRideHard

"This is my favorite place to post bikes and have you guys rip on them." Classic, I for one appreciate your effort to post all of your bikes on here, while I may not agree with every aspect of the builds, your torrent build pace is admirable. Those Lightweights just look the part on this frame!! A revised picture with the cut seatmast would appeal to the masses. Enjoy :thumbup:
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