Cervelo R5ca, Mad Fiber, new pics

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by fa63

I think it looks great, except for the red housing.

by Weenie

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by reidarherre

SSB wrote:Nice set of wheels!

As much as I like the Madfibers (they're a dream to ride) I feel they go better with bikes that have aero tubes. Nothing goes better with an R5ca than Lightweights.

Still, it looks great and I hope you enjoy them!

Have only tested them on one ride, and they are noisy on bad roads :) A lot of bad roads where I live, and they sounds like falling apart. One nice roads they are a dream to ride on. In real life they are actually not that bad looking.

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by worstshotever

I think the looks of this rig have improved markedly since post #1. I am filled with lust!

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by reidarherre

cl9k24la wrote:Just three words: SLAM THAT STEM!

That is plenty slammed for me :) Mostly climbing, so prefer to sit a bit more upright than on an aero bike.
2012 Cervelo R5ca Campa Superrecord.

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by paradawt

Wonderful bike!
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by SSB

You can get custom logos made for Madfiber wheels, the other day I saw a pair with black decals. I think your R5ca deserves a set of those! The stock logos were one of the things I didn't like about them, thankfully they're easily debadged.
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by Kayrehn

As a new madfiber owner I'm also considering making custom decals, but can't think of anything good except for a change of colour perhaps. An option is to remove the decals partially or entirely - the tan colour walls makes an unadorned carbon wheels looks good enough.

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