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ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

i haven't been active(posting) here in ww a couple of years now, but still browsing every now and then just to be updated with new stuffs. i've been on a scott cr1, scott addict, cervelo r3, and spez tarmac sl3. i wanted something new, this time on a different material...titanium. i did have a merlin extralight a long time ago and was flexy the reason i switched to carbon. with problems like corrosion on my carbon frames, it pushed me back to titanium. its a gamble though because it will be heavier and might be flexy. i just hope improvements like a 44mm headtube and pf30 bb will satisfy me.
here's my frame which i got last november 2011.
intricate headbadge
44mm headtube, very nice welds!
pf30 bb shell
immaculate machining
welded titanium bottle cage bosses. the norm are riveted aluminum bottle cage bosses that you see even in carbon and alu frames now, corrodes and loosens in time
classic moots decals
6al/4v pencil seatstays
breezer style dropouts
brake bridge etching
rear end

thanks for viewing!
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by Juanmoretime

:thumbup: And the build will be?

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by limba

Not bad.

:mrgreen: Just kidding. Awesome frame. Looking forward to seeing it built up.

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by Quickdraw

Great frame! I've had my eye on a Moots rsl lately as well. Curious what size it is and what fork you plan on using? And the weight of the frame...?

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by Valbrona

That looks nice. So, does that head tube take a 1 1/4" steerer?

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by Fuchspk

uhh such a nice frame :)

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by luckypuncheur

Simply gorgeous.
Not easy to assemble an appropriate kit.
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by Rippin

Those welds are the best in the Ti business. Looking forward to seeing the complete build.
(*)/ (*)

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by poully

These Moots look just fantastic and I don't think you'll be disappointed.
I have a friend who rides the Moots RSL and I tried it out for a short spin and what a fantastic bike.
I was so impressed, I too went out and bought Titanium. I went Litespeed as I couldn't afford the Moots but I still prefer riding that than my Addict :thumbup:

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by Leon

Wow, speechless!! Nice pics!!
Klein: handbuild science!

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Congrats on the new frane. :thumbup:

Could you tell us more about the planned build?

Also, you mention corrosion problems on your CF frames? Not certain I understand that... :noidea:
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by MrMojo

Beautiful frame, those welds are a work of art.
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by Thenewguy11

Thats some Rocky Mountain goodness. Any thoughts on the build?

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by klingej

Absolutely stunning frame!

Maybe I just don't quite understand it - but what's with the logo-stickers? I know it's what they do, but is there any actual reason it's stickers and not painted?


ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

thanks guys! finished build coming.

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