Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel Ti - 6.69kg

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by philhul

Oops, didn't realise they were TT tyres, never had Veloflex before. Just saw them as an example of tan sidewall tyres.

by Weenie

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by mrfish

Take a look at Veloflex Master clinchers - they are the Veloflex Carbon but with tan sidewalls. The Veloflex Carbons ride like the Vittorias, but grip much better on cold wet slimy UK surfaces. I have ridden them through the winter, but they do tend to puncture quite regularly if you do that. I would choose something all black and a bit more robust for the training wheels, then save the tan tubs for the lightweights.

Personally I would disregard biketart's advice on bottle cages. Although the Planet X ones are not as nicely detailed as Arundel Mandibles they work better with Camelbak bottles (edit - or Rapha bottles) with just the right level of grip. If you get rid of the logos they will be just right. For me the Arundels hold the camelbak bottles too tightly. The Ti cages are OK too, but I don't really see the point as the Planet Xs are fine.

P.S. I never liked the Rapha bottles - one ride in the rain and they look 10 years old. Camelbak are much better.

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by nspace

Veloflex Master's would definitely fit the bill. Put a set on my R330, you can see what they look like here: ... ce18_b.jpg

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by michel2

just read in the colago post that you sold it ?
bugger i thought it was a really nice bike, shame that the sizing didn't work out

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by mfcycling

Really nice looking bike

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