Fuji SL1 frameset

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by qayum

I managed to buy this 2010 frameset from eBay for a steal of a price.


Now I'm looking to complete the bike and need all the help I can get. Any suggestions on a set of components?

Any tips and advice for a new cyclist? Advice on components and training are equally appreciated. Thanks!
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by Ypsylon

Hi there. For general advice I'd suggest just browsing around both in the road and training section.

If you are new to cycling I'd suggest not going too deep out of pocket on any fit related parts like stem, bar, seatpost, saddle and pedals, as you might find you don't really like them, not because a certain part is not good, but it might not be the right part for you.

I'd suggest you just come up with a build list and post it here and people will be able to comment a lot easier.
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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

That is a not a bad pick up for your first road bike.

You could look at either Campy Centaur, Shimano 105 or Sram Rival for your groupset, they are all about the same price, some of it will come down to which brands ergonomics you prefer.

Agree with the previous advice, you will probably end up trying a couple different contact points before you find what you like.

Wheels will probably be dictated by what sort of road surfaces you ride and how much your willing to spend.

Good luck and enjoy your new ride.

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by spacepolice2

Lightly used components, chosen with patience, can get you great results, relatively light weight, and half retail price. All of my bikes have been built this way, I couldn't afford them otherwise! The biggest decision you've got to make is shifter ergonomics, ie. Campag vs Shimano vs SRAM. I'm guessing that electronic shifting is out of your budget. This is a good opportunity to buy some decent tools too, they will pay for themselves over time, and help you enjoy the bike experience just as much as the other bits.

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