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by JamesHolden

mjduct wrote:do yourself a favor and go shopping at FWB, every time I get a box from them I'm amazed at how light even the box is knowing that I've got chainrings/ skewers/ bolts/ brakes / whatever in there, plus packing materials. they don't just build good stuff, they sell the best, and have top notch customer service.

(this is all my opinion and I am only affiliated with fairwheel bikes as a customer, and a very satisfied one at that if this is against some protocol on the forum please accept my apology)

Another satisfied FWB customer here. Indeed top notch service and great to communicate with.

Oh and the bikes are avarage at most... :up:

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by OrenciaB

Can we bring this back? I'd love to see new bikes from Fairwheel Bikes!
Hey does all that Rapha and Hi-vis make you faster?

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by Rich_W

Follow them on Facebook...

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by tinytree

this whole thread is just overwhelming! way too much insanely cool stuff!thanks for all the great pics!!!

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