Hampsten Gran Paradiso - Columbus Spirit steel

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by steampunk

Hello all - sharing my Hampsten Gran Paradiso. Built with Columbus Spirit tubing and sporting an Enve 1.0 fork, highlights include a custom leather Fizik Arione recover with matching bartape by Busyman Bicycles; a wheelset consisting of Chris King R45 hubs and Velocity A23 rims laced with Sapim CX-rays by luxe wheelworks; Zipp Service Course SL controls; and a full 2010 Campagnolo Chorus 11 groupset.

17lbs 2oz as shown here, or 7.77kg for the metrically inclined. Sorry, not very ww and with low carbon fiber content.

Frameset by Steve Hampsten, welded by Max Kullaway



Leatherwork by Busyman ~ Mick Peel


Wheels by Luxe ~ Justin Spinelli




and the other King

ENJOY! It was extremely fun planning every aspect of this build and it rides really, really well.

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by Wingnut

Beautiful bike...nice steel. :thumbup:
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

by Weenie

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by sneeeky

beautiful bike! what did the frameset weigh? i am actually getting a spirit frame built and was wondering what i should expect weight wise.

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by howler

Lovely! Understated class with a touch of flare. Looks like a machine to just ride off into the sunset with.

Few questions
- id also be interested in the frame weight if you have it
- what do wheels weigh? (alloy nipples?)
- could we have drive side-on shot please?

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by speedwobbles

Wonderful bicycle. I am especially impressed by the saddle and bar tape combination, including the artful perforation. There's nothing that appease the fashion weenie in me like *truly* matched saddle and bar tape.

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by strobbekoen

Very classy bike!
I would imagine the frame to be 1500/1600g range ?

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by SWijland

Spot on!

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by rajMAN

Bueatiful bike :D

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by flameboy

Awesome! I love the quality of the paint job.
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by Timo

Very stylish :thumbup:
And if I ever meet an aardvark, I'm going to step on its damn protruding nasal implement until it couldn't suck up an insect if its life depended on it.

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by steampunk

Thanks gents!

Unfortunately I was only able to weigh the frame with the UT BB cups, headset cups, and seatpost clamp on it. It was 1605g as such. Figure the bare frame to be in the 1450-1500g range. strobbekoen is very close! It is a small 51cm TT frame though.

Wheels were 1472g, 688g F, 808g R. Alloy nips, 20/24 laced 2x.

Not much a fan of the drivetrain side mugshot but here you go...


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by spacepolice2

I love the orange accents, especially the subtle work on the seat and bartape. Loving the steel too, I've owned two steel frames so far and they've both ridden like magic carpets.

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by HillRPete

steampunk wrote:Not much a fan of the drivetrain side mugshot but here you go...

If I am allowed one minor point of critique on this glorious ride, I'd say the stem looks very beefy compared to the frame.
But really loving the attention to detail!

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by btompkins0112

:unbelievable: 10000000% love it! Spot on perfect!

I'll take two please...... :beerchug: :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by dcj9

10000000% love it! Spot on perfect!

+1 :thumbup:

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