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by denzity

Firstly, apologies for not having exact weights registered. I'll have them later this week when I go home and can use my proper scales.


My UCI-illegal TT bike (and the first I ever built). I ended up getting the frame cheap on eBay and most of the parts from the WW forums. She turned out quite nice. Last time I weighed her she was 8014g, but that was with the chunky 300g+ Kestrel saddle. I've now swapped it to a Cinelli RAM saddle which matches the paintwork better and should put her around 7900g.




Frame: Kestrel Airfoil Pro SE
Fork: Kestrel Airfoil Pro SE
Rear Wheel: Zipp 808 Powertap SL+ with Tangente tub
Front Wheel: Mavic CCU with Conti GP tub
Group: Dura-Ace 7900
Cassette: Recon 11-25
Brakes: SRAM Red
Bars: Zipp Vuka Aero
Cabling: i-links in Alligator housing
Stem: Cinelli Vai :oops: (thinking of swapping it for something lighter. Any suggestions? Needs to be 26mm as I'm scared of shims)
Saddle: Cinelli RAM Limited Edition


My Canyon Ultimate CF SLX:


Frame: Canyon F10
Fork: Canyon One One Four SLX
Wheels: Mavic CCUs
Cassette: Dura-Ace 12-25 (Recon 12-27 for hills)
Tyres: Hutchinson Carbon Comp on rear and GP4000 on front
Group: Dura-Ace 7900 (tuned RD with carbon sides and kcnc jockey wheels)
Cranks: Rotor 3D with Power2Max powermeter (loving it!)
Rings: 52-39 Q-rings
Bars: Ritchey Carbon Super Logic II
Stem: Ritchey WCS
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR (still can't find a comfortable saddle, been through 3 already and this one is temporary)
Seatpost: Ritchey VLCS
Chain: KMC X10SL Gold
Pedals: Xpedo Thrust 8 Ti

Was 6320g at the last weighing, but since then I've swapped the Dura-Ace cranks for Rotor 3Ds and changed to a heavier saddle. Should be around 6.5-6.6kg now. Still undecided on the chainring bolts - do you guys thing gold would look better?


And finally, my clown...err.. town bike. This thing has a load of nicks in the paint and even a dent in the toptube from all sorts of idiots smashing their bikes in to mine when it's parked. Very fun to ride, but weighs a whopping 8.2kg! Cocked saddle to add to the comedic value.


(black mark is actually a dent that 'appeared' around last week)

Hope you guys like them, they're my pride and joy!
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by Greenduck

That Kestrel look insane! Very nice!
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by Weenie

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by Leviathan

which college?!

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by denzity

Leviathan wrote:which college?!

Very observant :thumbup: It's Pembroke College, Oxford.

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by mrfish

Hope you put the Kestrel to good use and give the 'tabs a thrashing.

I was OUCC captain back in 1998-9.

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by veloman

Very nice little stable you have there.

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by g0t0

Sorry to dig up this old thread, but I am really curious how you installed the I-Links cables.

Was it a huge problem to install the breaking cables into the Zipp Vuka aero? Did you stick to the manuals provided by Zipp and Alligator or are there some special tricks to get it right? Is the installation straight forward or a pain in the ass and you would not recommend doing it? ;)

Also does it just look like it or is the shifting cable to the rear derailleur going full sleeved through the frame? Is that as easy/difficult to install as the full sleeved regular cables? How many sets did you need to do that? That only works with the I-Link mini I assume?!

Any tricks and hints are welcome. Thinking about doing the same, but I don't want to regret it from the second I started my mission ;)


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by parsnip

This post may have been from a year and a half ago, but are you still at pembroke? I'm there now but sadly didn't bring my nice bike for lack of a secure place to store it. I have since lost the pretty good fitness I had built up over the summer and am missing my bike more than my family :(. Did you just keep them in your room?

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by Quinn039

holy crow, thats one of craziest looking groups of bikes Ive seen. all very cool, and all just "different" in some way.

by Weenie

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