Storck Organic Light 2012 (1of25) - Storck's wildest to date

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by LAN

Is there really coming a Organic 2? That would be great.

Yes the Organic is a classic, light years ahead of everybody else in late 90s, just like Lightweight wheels and Schmolke carbon bars.

The competitions has come closer and closer, but it's still among the very best

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by llpatrick

ah..., so the bike Robin had been busy with belongs to you ,Discoverspeed..

I was thinking whether it belongs to the same fellow who owns the StorckAero(1) when I 1st saw this frame at Robin's place.

Very nice bike from Markus (again)!!

I am hoping to get enough $$ to get the Old Rebel Carbon in the same color as my old KOI Klein Adroit

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