Cannondale SystemSix Hi-Mod BB30 project

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by LouisN

53x12 wrote:At this point I feel like I am close to call it quits and just paint it. Now it is at the point of diminishing returns and the frame is stripped enough to get a good paint job on it. Any thoughts? I think if I put some more time into sanding it, the headtube deserves a little more time.

A little late for this kind of comment, but I have to ask: Why didn't you just apply paint stripper on the aluminium part ? It would have been done in minutes..? !!
It would have left you some more time to work on the carbon part...just saying...

Louis :)

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by ajxd

I was wondering the same, but could paint stripping damage the carbon? Also the carbon/aluminum joints are crazy looking.

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by Rumsas

Nice work so far. I am looking forward to see you put some paint on this bad boy

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by Zachariah

Whatever happened? Do you lose interest suddenly in the project?
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by justanewbie

Either that or he got so excited with building it up he forgot to report back to weightweenies. Shame, I was looking forward to watching the build.

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by billysan

Just found this thread while searching for System Six related threads. No update on the project?

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