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Location: Bali, Indonesia

by monkeyburger

Where ARE my manners?! :shock:
Skulking around, usurping your knowledge then dropping a few dim-witted replies... hardly befits a forum of such upstanding fellows (and ladies) such as yourselves. [FLAME retardant jacket ON]
Lest you all think that my gustatory indulgences extend to actual M O N K E Y B U R G E R S :unbelievable: , I submit the following:

Do you see where this is headed?

MUST be white bread. Nutella, cinnamon and BANANA. Goes down much nicer than an energy bar.

The Devil is in the OCDetails. Wrapped and ready to head out.

There are certainly no shortage of cycling forums out there, but I have found the info here on point, well referenced and supported, particularly regarding training and nutrition.
I admit that my Weight Weenyism is not as fervently expressed as some members here (in part owing to deep, but empty, pockets and short arms).
I've done my time with Jubilee derailleurs, Drillium, Ergal rims and screwed together Aluminium frames. That and the long walk home before we had cell phones (and wives with scooters :)) I won't turn this into an " I Remember When..." rant.
I am stoked that we can all build respectably light bikes for a Grand that can still be reliable!
I'll add some pics later of things I'm building to keep this on topic.
...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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by Geoff

Gel is lighter...

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by TOflat

Geoff wrote:Gel is lighter...

absolute gold.

(Those do look tasty though)

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by tigoose

hi monkey, show us your bike........ :unbelievable:

Posts: 113
Joined: Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:45 pm
Location: Bali, Indonesia

by monkeyburger

The Rides:
Super comfy crappy weather bike.

The workhorse (the bike, not me)

Old Faithful

VERY Old Faithful

Travel Bike. Currently being bastardized a little further...

My skin isn't thick enough to show you the really weird stuff...
Monkey Burger

PS Gels are great, but bananas grow in my back yard. Now, if I could get a Clif Bar bush going I'd really be laughing!
...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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