My Caad9 - Keep or Scrap?

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by justanewbie

Hi all, been lurking for a while looking at some VERY nice bikes (Caad build thread in particular) and I just thought I'd introduce myself and my bike.

I live in Australia, and have been cycling for just over a year now. When I started (age 20), I hadn't ridden a bike since I was 12, and so my friend helped me buy a very nice Caad9 for a great price. I got cleats, learnt how to use 'weird shifting levers' and now I'm looking to start some beginner races for fun.

Unfortunately, I crashed my bike while on the roof racks. (Stupid, I know, I was running late for a meet and wasn't thinking) and I dented the down tube.

I've called around, and I'm able to get a new Caad10 for a great deal as well, so what would you do?



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by SWijland

That is one hell of a dent. I would not use that frame anymore if I were you.

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by BeeBee30

Its unlikely to catastrophically fail so unless you have actually bent the frame I'd ride it and keep an eye on it, I've ridden CAAD 5's through to CAAD 7's with dents of varying size and never had any issues, if it bothers you that much treat yourself to the CAAD 10 and resign this to a winter bike(if you actually need one in Oz?) or turbo duty 8)
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by ozdavo

The downtube is in tension (ie being pulled), so as CAADHEAD said, its unlikely to fail catastrophically. I'd check for any sharp edges or cracks in the paint, which might indicate a crack in the tube. If all looks good, I'd personally have no problem continuing to ride it, taking care to check it regularly for deterioration.

A good illustration of what the down tube does is on the old Slingshot bikes that used a steel cable in place of the downtube.

Disclaimer: My opinion only of what I would do. Make your own judgement of what is safe.

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