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by artray

Heres a few snaps of my bike , I was clearing out the garden so I took a few shots . I will post some better ones when I get a chance. Its all the usual bits and bobs , The frame used to have an ISP but I sent it back to Guru and got it chopped off. The guys at Guru are geat and Yorick who dealt with me was and is very helpful . All the bolts are ti and alloy and plastic and Tony at Bike and Run in Finchley, London, made me the headset which is around 23grms,Tony also cut down all the bolts and put the bike together for me with a lot of care. I did all the tuning on the mechs and shifters. It is an on/going project and will get lighter, so I will weigh it when its finished . Wheels are hand built by Jon at Just riding along and weigh 1182grms ,AWESOME
guru side ch.jpg
Next doors dog adds to the excitement

guru non ch side.jpg
dog gone

guru rear dr.jpg
It has a fibre-lyte carbon cage.

guru front d r.jpg
I skimmed a bit off the lower part of the cage with a file .

by Weenie

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by TerribleCadence

Too much going on colour wise/stickers for my liking. Tyres not aligned with valves, how do you sleep at night :unbelievable: :wink:
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by Getter

Awesome build! I love the custom work done to the drivetrain.

Looking forward to more pics. :thumbup:

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by wshiong

Kavlar pulley ? what brand is that?

what is the weight of this bike?
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by artray

Pulleys are a non brand from china, they are carbon with a kev weave and weigh 8.1 grms the pair.
I have not weighed my bike as it is not finished , I can tell you its very light, 54cm custom guru with enve 1.0 forks which as you can see are cut right down. I have a few Ideas the way I want to go with this. I am trying not to do the usual stuff, but once your under 12lbs the chioce is limited. Bike is really fast and very very responsive but stable for such a light bike . For me it is the best bike I have rode so far .

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by LEC135

Build list a weight!!!!!!!!!!!! please

I agree with the TerribleCadence but that's a personal preferenc. It looks FAST and as though it's made to be ridden fast! and the wildlife looks vicious!

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by KWalker

Just Riding Along bike shop in Laytonsville, MD? Are you from the Mid-Atlantic?
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by mr_tim

KWalker wrote:Just Riding Along bike shop in Laytonsville, MD? Are you from the Mid-Atlantic?

They're in the UK ... ing-along/" onclick=";return false;

by Weenie

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by Wingnut

Nice bike...looks light!
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