Pegoretti Duende new build

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by ticou

Carver, you've said you want a super dooper accaiaio. I have the standard. It was handbuilt in Italy, by an unknown gent, and yes it's perfect for me and it has soul. But h/built by Peggers, that's another story. It's steel from another dimension. He made bikes for Roche, Indurain and many other champs, and your Peg is superior to all of their machines. You cannot buy that heritage; you don't know the jewel in your possession.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Sacrilege! Giving up a Pego!

You guys are just lucky that:

1. I am far away;
2. It is not my size;
3. I don't have the money;
4. If I get another bike Mrs. Powerful will skin me alive.

Jokes aside, wonderful build, and really, there is no bike for life. There will always be another to lust after!

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by onsight512

beautiful bike. what size is it?

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by Carvers

onsight512 wrote:beautiful bike. what size is it?

56cm standard geometry.

Going to switch her back onto the Open Pro's this week, just seems right to have handbuilts on lovely as the SLRs are!

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by Carvers

New bartape to go on at the weekend! Classic Fizik microtex in black to match up nicely with the Arione.

I'll also add her to the classifieds too, but just on the subject, I'm looking for £2,800 with the Open Pros (Miche cassette) and £3,400 with the SLRs (NEW Chorus cassette).

Will consider sensible offers.

And ideally collection (London / South East) rather than posted as a/ I am bike-boxless and b/ it is a bike that deserves to be seen upon collection!

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by dcj9

thanks for the side shot with SLRs.
i might swap my lightweights for something a little more 'everyday' and SLRs would fit the bill.
i've decided i really can't get used to the brake feel and progression on carbon rims.
good luck with selling the peg.

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by dcj9

I remember when Rich 1st got this, he lusted after a Pegoretti, and this was brought over from the states from AC It has a striking and rare paint finish, he built it and comared to his baum i think he was slightly dissapointed

i honestly don't think a duende would stand out enough if i had a stable to choose from. so i can see why this happened.
it seems more of a good all rounder suited to someone with just the one bike. like Carvers come to think of it :wink:

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