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WWotY 2006 / Smart convert
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by LJ



by Weenie

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by Auk

Welcome back. It's been too long.

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by Roobay

hey nice pic :mrgreen:
dirty bike= you use it :thumbup:
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by kx_1

Welcome back!!!!!! Again a very special built from you!!!!
My Builds so far... C50,EPS Erik Zabel, C59 Di2.

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by poully

C'mon LJ, you're teasing again...let's see the rest of the build, no doubt it's something special. More photo's please, this has been a long time coming. :thumbup:

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by Rich_W


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by Rogue

Welcome back. You have been missed. :welcome:
Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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by record

Now that's the way to come back...
A light bike does replace good fitness.

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by Leviathan

hell yeah

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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

Thunnus up!!!
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My Simplon Pavo II

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by Mr.Gib

LJ! It's been too long.

Waiting to see the rest.
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by Willier

:welcome: back Glad your taste in bikes remained the same :thumbup:
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by mathi

He's back by public demand :lol:
Good to have you back mate now post us some proper pics :no1:

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sachs dreigang
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by sachs dreigang

Hey Mr. Dogma,

what about some more pics (or a link to the fairwheelbike forum thread)?

by Weenie

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WWotY 2006 / Smart convert
Posts: 3217
Joined: Thu Feb 17, 2005 6:16 pm

by LJ

Probably should take better pics...but you can get the idea.....


Saddle to drop and bars to lower once the position is dialed in.

Thank you to all my friends who made my dreams come true.

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