Look 695

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by bigredtrolley

Hi guys, just discovered the forum, some great stuff and some amazing bikes...

thought would share my new baby...

Look 695, Sram Red gruppo, Look Zed2 cranks with Look chainrings, Zipp 808 carbon clinchers...

haven't formally weighed it yet but guessing around the 7kg mark all up with the relatively heavy 808s - would get under 7kg with my Dura-Ace climbing wheels...not a truly ww bike but compared to my old ride its positively anorexic...

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by klingej

HOOOOOOOOOOOOT bike! Always liked looks and that one's a stunner!

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by CarpetFibre

Superb. I have a soft spot for road bikes rolling on 808s.

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by Roobay

welcome to WW and thats quite an introduction....
Great Look..ing bike
Thx for sharing :mrgreen:
i like people... i just can't stand assholes

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by jblande

very nice
very modern

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by wcntan80

Absolutely gorgeous :thumbup:! Is that a Prologo saddle? It matches the bike so well.

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by kgt

Very nice. I just find the zipp stickers too loud.

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by bradipo

Koooooooool! 8) The crankset is the best in the world (for me...)

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by iainsheppard

have seen this bike in real life and the pics do not do it justice :)

it is a machine :)

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by SaXoB

gosh i love this stem :shock:

Welcome here mate

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by Steelman

Stunning machine. I would be interested in hearing a short review of how it rides. Enjoy!

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by flying

Congrats very nice ride you have there :thumbup:

I would be curious to see it with a black saddle & bar tape for contrast
& agree that the Zipp decals could be a little less loud.

But either way stunning ride & my fav brand.

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by swimmingskibble

I'm completely jealous of the frameset! I really want one, but alas I don't quite have the coin for it. Super sexy crank system and fork!

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by teterider

The first 695 I've seen on WW. It was love at first site when I saw the Eurobike pictures and that is just stunning.

But I really jealous of the weather right now where ever you are. With 3 feet of snow on the ground and bare pavement non-existent, I have a few more months of hibernation.

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