Lynskey R330 Build - Complete - photos starting on pg 4

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by nspace

Ramjm_2000 wrote:You should be able to find green or maroon scotchbrith at most any hardware store. Just take a small piece and rub along the curvature of the clamp (not against the grain).

Perfect, thanks! I will check tomorrow.

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by jsinclair

I am really keen to see the finished product. Any hints as to when that might be? The frame looks lovely in those pictures.

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by poully

This is looking really sweet and I can't wait until Monday. Hope the postie's on time....looking forward to seeing the finished build.

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by nspace

Saddle and lightweight tubes have been sitting in the postal facility 5 minutes from my house for the last 4 days, so I have faith it will finally get delivered tomorrow.

Only other thing I am waiting on is bottle cages, but I have faith those will also come early this week. Soon as I have everything I will photograph. With any luck, maybe Tuesday.
Also have to finish playing around where the cables exit the hoods. I am getting a little bump there. From reading here I understand you really need to tape the cables flat right where they exit? I am going to give that a try.

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by nachtjager

so keen to see this!

Unfortunately my frame/fork is sitting unloved in a DHL warehousethey are very sheepishly looking for it.

totally keen to build her up and feel the titanium zing!

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by natiedean24

Any build that starts with a picture of a naked Ti frame with boxes of new Campy parts is A.OK by me!

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by BmanX

But the picture would be better with Sram customized without all the crappy graphics.

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by Wingnut

A high quality frame like that needs high quality parts...stick with Campy... :wink:
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by kgt


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by nspace

So it's all built up. The saddle tubes, and cages finally arrived. Got it all built up and going for a shake down ride to fine tune and dial things in. My mistake, I ordered tubes with valve stems that were far too long (out of paranoia—had a pump that had a hard time connecting to short valves and decided to error on the side of caution).

I just shot a few photos in the studio at work. No time to process the rest but thought I would post a really quick one up of the complete build. More detail shots to come later. I don't have my hanging scale here but I will get a final weight shortly. I anticipate it will be around 15.6 lbs or so.


More shots to come later!
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by jmilliron

Well done!
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by Juanmoretime

:thumbup: Excellent! Get out and ride it since not only does it need more pictures but a ride report is a must too. :beerchug:

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by nspace


Couple more shots:








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by nspace

Next up, outdoor shots hopefully.

I did my first ride on the bike after work last night. I only had a small window to ride by the time I made a few adjustments, setup my cleats and got out there so I won't do a full blown report until I get in a couple longer rides.

Condensed first impressions:

- the Tune GumGum doesn't seem very great. I haven't had any luck with this so far. This came with my headset thankfully, but had I spent the money on this separately, I would've been disappointed. It slips, and I was unable to remove the play from the front end. Doesn't take much for the 3mm top cap bolt to get scoffed up either. I ended up using the porky Enve expander to lock things down and then replaced it with the Tune.

- The bike feels fast, and smooth. My Ti mountain bike is a lot more flexy, I wasn't sure how this would compare in terms of stiffness. It felt stiff but with a hair of give; definitely not harsh. It was a great example that some of the generalizations make about frame materials are completely inaccurate. The design of the frame makes all the difference.

- Frame fit felt great so far.

- This was my first ride ever on Speedplays. Clipping in for the first time was a bit weird, but once I got in once, it was dead easy. I know people either love or hate the feel, but probably after 2 short climbs I was in love with the way they felt. I suspect my knees are going to like these pedals very much. Of course I haven't slipped on a tiled floor, or got my cleats clogged up with debris yet, so I could still hate the, but so far so good :)

- Engagement on the King 45's is great. Hubs are super smooth. They sound so sweet and smooth!

- Shifting was flawless. Love the way the shifting felt at the lever (This is my first bike with Campagnolo). Brakes felt like they had awesome modulation, and power.

- Tires felt great. I ran them at 110 psi, but I think I could even go down to 100 for a little extra comfort.

- Ergonova's felt good. Loved the compact drop. I still need to do a slight adjustment of the bar angle and transition into the lever hoods.

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by Szczuldo

good to see another campy convert and on a Ti frame to boot! I also have to agree that campy has the best feeling shifting.

I really like the way the Enve fork looks with it, very clean. I'm getting tired of looking at my Alpha Q.
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