Colnago C50 - STSL

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by KB

BTW, what is the colour scheme designation for that frame. I used to check them out on Maestro's site, but it's not there anymore.

by Weenie

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by maverick_1


It's STSL.
If I'm not wrong, this color was released the same timing as the STIT.

here are additional pics..


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by KB


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by fio

Incredible build. I love it. And the way that Colnago can make the silver/grey/black paint scheme look so good is astonishing. It's a real pleasure to look at.

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by sawyer

maverick_1 wrote:Thanks for all the positive comments.
Simple and straightforward built.

Talking about Eurus Carbon, I had the Shamal Ultra 2 way.
Rode it for less than 300km, sold it away.
It may have the latest bling, with the tubeless tires and all, but nothing compares to the Eurus Carbon.

I upgraded the bearings to Campagnolo Ceramic.
A tad old fashion but it's one of the best alu Campy wheels ever IMHO.

I do agree, though you might be surprised how the lowly Zondas ride. Little in common with the much harsher Shamals (which is very tough to give it some credit)
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by majklnajt

Looking perfect on this picture!!!! :thumbup: :beerchug:


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by Rumsas

Another masterpiece, i enjoy your style maverick_1

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by jz4nyc

that is one classy looking ride. congrats & enjoy!

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by JKolmo

That bike is just too incredible! I adore it! It's perfect! Love it with the Hyperons too! Maybe just the usual "I would have gone for different tires" rant. But hey, that's a personal preference!

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by TimW

Your bike looks great!

The C50 is about the only frame not in production I'd ever consider buying second hand.

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by cerro

maverick_1 wrote:Thanks guys.
Love the handling of the Colnago, especially on smaller sizes.
The VXRS Ulteam rides great but can be a little twitchy on the downhill.
Colnago's handling is just unbelievable.

Will take better pics with the Hyperon someday.

This is my second C50, the first being the PR38, size 52.


You just changed my dreambike. C50 passed VXRS ;) Did you sell your PR38 or what happened? Awesome bikes you got
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

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by willy

Amazing...just like the master.

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by maverick_1


thanks for the compliments.


Although the C50's handling is a lot better than the VXRS, I wouldn't rule out the TIME VXRS Ulteam at all. I had the VXRS since 2007 and it is one bike that I have no intention of selling (never).
TIME's attention to detail (built quality that is) is first rate and it's so much better than a Colnago. The frameset/fork even came with carbon composite water bottle torx bolts.
Edit: Sold the PR38 and bought the C50 STSL for a better fit.


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by irongatsby

Great stuff as usual.. Even better than the old white C50.

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by manne

A frame with such "thin" tubes looks best with the hyperon in my opinion.
Anyway, beautiful bike!

by Weenie

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