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by minoz

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share my next build - Dogma 2 Bianco 613 in size 50cm.

My previous bikes; the 2008 Cervelo R3-SL and 2009 P4 - great bikes, lovely looking but I had the itch and really wanted something new but in white. My Cervelo's where 54cm (zero setback) in size so I optied to jump on a 50cm Dogma 2 given his has a 525mm top tube and 25mm setback.

I managed to source this frame through a friend new at a dam good price and I've been itching to have it built up but believe it or not I'm waiting on the white Campy hoods to arrive early next week.

Full build list and weighs are as follows:

Dogma 2 frameset in 50cm - MIA
Fork uncut with bearing - 524g
Seatpost: 255g uncut
Fork steer cap: 26g
Starnut/cap: 16g
Spacer: 4g
cable guide plate: 5g

Groupset: 2011 Campagnolo Super Record 11spd with Ti crank

SR 11 Shifters: 335g
SR Ti 172.5mm 53/39 - 592g
SR Brakes single pivot - 274g
SR FD : 71g
SR RD: 157g
Cables/Housing uncut: 229g
Cassette: 12-27 11spd Chorus (durability over wear) - 269g
Record 11spd Chain: 242 (full chain + link)
Bars: Deda Presa Carbon 44cm - 225g
Tape: Deda White 46g
Stem: Deda Zero100 white Ti Bolts 120mm 126g
Cages: 2011 Elite Patao x 2 with white decals 25g each
Saddle: Fizik Arione CX Carbon rails - White on White 182g
Pedals: Black Speedplay Zero Ti - 166g

Wheelset: 2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Mega G3 Clincher Black/White decals - 1455g
Tires: Continental GP4000s 23mm clincher - 210g each
Tubes: Michelin Latex Inners - 80g each
Campagnolo Skewers - 118g

Total weight: 6.8kg before sensor+computer.

Photoshoot wheels: Hyperons/Bora Twos



Obviously this is no lightweight build but I hope it will come in at a respectable weight when complete. First things first though, get rid of the beefy Campagnolo stock skewers.

I'm planning on picking up digital kitchen scales today to get accurate weight numbers of parts for you all and I will try take nice close-ups in the coming days with the DSLR.

Ok just adding this pic in with the seatpost - see no chinarello :)

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Bianco Dogma 2

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by globalsunset

Looks like a beauty. Can't wait to see it built up! :D

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by 743power

photoshoot wheels. . . :doh: Should be a striking build though.
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by GGG

Sweet build list
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by plasticol

:beerchug: Congrats, beautiful bike, I want one in white as well.
Don't they come with the seat post included as this is not round bu more oval looking?

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by euan

Dogma2 is a round seatpost
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by bruno2000

Are you sure about that seatpost?

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by Martin.F

euan wrote:Dogma2 is a round seatpost

Are you sure about this?


Looks pretty dropshaped to me.
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by mrfish

Chinarellos (bad copies of Prince sprayed to look like Dogmas) have round seatposts.

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by timintense

if its a round seat post then that would explain why you got it at a damn good price, chinarello! but to me in the pic the seat clamp doesn't look round
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by canbakay

Pinarello Dogma 2 Frame Weight by glorycycles, on Flickr

looks pretty oval to me!

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by aw21

Nice build!

Looking forward to seeing it put together. Congrats!

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by minoz

haha funny how some jump straight onto the whole 'Chinarello' because there is no seatpost present in the photo. The reason the seatpost wasn't photographed as it was packed in another box and it had arrived the next day and sorry to say it isn't 'round'.

I will weigh and take photos of everything tonight. Thanks for the friendly comments, will hopefully take some pics that do the build some justice.

Bianco Dogma 2

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by maxima

@ 1.14kg......must be one of lightest frame with that sort of money you can buy :thumbup:

I just revisit the website and they still quote 920grms for size 54. Anyone who work on paint, like a paint engineer in a automotive plant or whatever knows that there is just no way to add so much weight even with 5 coat of paint! :noidea:

I can accept the weight, but not the marketing of 920grms that perverts the truth :noidea:

canbakay wrote:Image
Pinarello Dogma 2 Frame Weight by glorycycles, on Flickr

looks pretty oval to me!

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by ParisLove

Amazing looking bike! I'm sure it'll be an awesome ride

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