Finally... Sub 12lb - BMC SLC01 (5.43kgs)

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by fa63

I like it; decals, red stem and all. :thumbup:

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by johnsonj718

Bike looks great. Good work with the components

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by dazza6100

Thanks for the comments everyone.

I am glad most of you like it. This has always been my dream frame, with skeleton construction, easton SLX nano carbon and uni top layer, but I understand that its not everyones cup of tea.

to answer a few questions.

1. The red group has been tuned within a inch of its life
2. The red stem is actually a closer colour match for the red on the frame than it looks (the photo doesnt do it justice). So I think it can stay. The 240s decals on the hubs are also a nice match.
3. The red tyres and red bolts I have used are not a great match, so I will change the tyres when I wear these out or puncture. (as I said I am not looking to spend any more money on it)
4. I may just remove the stickers which could save a few inexpensive grams.

thanks again

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by Krull

one of my favorite framesets. very nice build, i love the red stem.

@carbon 2329: the white one is amazing!
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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