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by FilmAt11

Hi, This is my first build. I've been reading this site for a little more than a year and I've really been inspired by all of the creative projects I've seen here. Prior to this build I was riding a Cannondale Six Carbon Five with a number of small upgrades. I got that bike down to 7.3kg, so I started this project with a goal of sub-7kg, but I was having fun and the weight kept dropping.

I started the build with a Pro-Lite Cuneo frame purchased on ebay. I discussed the anodizing vs. powdercoating decision in this thread: In the end, I had a net gain of 2g after bead-blasting and powdercoating.


Frame Pro-Lite Cuneo 52.5cm 1161
Fork Edge 1.0 285
Headset FSA Orbit CE 65
Spacers RAVX 22
Top cap Extralite 5
Expander Tune Gum Gum 10
Handlebar Ritchey WCS Logic Curve 231
Bartape Velox Tressostar 36
Bar end caps Fizik plastic 6
Stem Ritchey WCS 4Axis 110mm 118
Seatpost PedalForce Carbon 31.6mm 146
Seatpost collar New Ultimate 34.9mm 7
Saddle Archteks TR-SD006CF 97
Brakes SRAM Rival 287
Shifters SRAM Rival 320
Brake cables Alligator iLinks 65
Shift cables Alligator Mini iLinks 53
Front derailleur SRAM Rival 89
Chain catcher Token TK375 6
Rear derailleur SRAM Rival 188
Crankset KCNC K-Type 165mm 396
Chainrings SRAM Force 50/34T 123
Chainring bolts KCNC Double 50
Bottom bracket KCNC K-Type 96
Pedals Speedplay Zero Chromoly 216
Chain KMC X10SL 227
Cassette KCNC 10SP Titanium/Alloy 12-25T 144
Lockring Token TK042S 7
Front Wheel Williams System 19 (20H) 603
Rear Wheel Williams System 19 (24H) 846
Rim Strip Veloplugs Yellow (44) 9
Skewers Token TK480 Ti 45
Tires Veloflex Corsa 22 402
Tubes Vittoria Ultralite 174
Bottle cage Smud Ultralight 6
Bottle cage bolts Smud Alloy 2
Hot sauce ~10

TOTAL 6553g(14.45lbs)
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by Weenie

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by Nelus

Nicely done.....Back in Black !!!!!
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by Willier

That is a very nice bike. Well done mate :thumbup:
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by fa63


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by Powerful Pete

Nice bike and great weight for that build!
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by prendrefeu

Looks beautiful!

I'm glad that thread was of some help. Powdercoating looks great!
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by FilmAt11

Thanks for all the nice comments, the builds, reviews, and techniques shared in this forum are really helpful.

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by FilmAt11

With the Edge 1.0 fork...When/if I cut the steerer tube further after a few long rides, is it best to have a spacer on top, or can I cut it a few millimeters below the stem?

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by yeagermeister

You should be OK without a spacer. My 1.0 fork is about about 1.5mm below the top of my stem and I'm using a KCNC Team Issue stem.

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by t0ph0id

Nice, I like that a lot!

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by artray

Very nice, well done sir

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by lcoolb

+1! Always good to see an alu weenie :)

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by scotty

Nice build...

Have you any feedback on the bottle cage?
It looks nice and light... I'm just wondering if it holds on to the bottles well...

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by jmilliron

Woah! This is something else.

Very classy.
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by mdloc0

Just wondering on the total cost you would say for something like this?


by Weenie

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