Ridley Noah Belgium

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by carbon2329

looks great. Those black on black Bora decals look great.

Just a lot of fun. :thumbup:

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by sjc166

This bike looks great! Could it be the perfect bike? Its pretty close to me. Quick question....how did you manage to up load photos of the size and quality?

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by hansonator69

http://slamthatstem.com/post/1940644635 ... s-owner-of

Noticed that it's on Slam That Stem. :thumbup:
Slam your stem.

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by triharder1

Hi,been looking lurking on forum for yonks.First post thou and the reason ,opened up link and wow.Alwys fancied a set of jersey/ shorts in the Belgium champ colours[/color].Think your pic has knocked that idea for six,gotta get one of these done to go with my jersey.Is this a colour Ridley can do or take it to specialist painters.Thanks and well done

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by TerribleCadence

Gorgeous. For 100% perfection, please cut the excess cateye mount strap down! :idea:
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by danielbahia

My Gosh... :unbelievable: :shock:

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by Roasty

gorgeous frame.. the rest of the bike parts in black really make the frame stand out. hot bike!!!

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by ProfessorChaos

Beauty! Very good looking bike, sir.

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by buffy12341234

hello bentley07
i don't know how to pm you. Just wondering if you still have this bike? I have a few questions to ask you. If you get to read this, would pls. contact me. Thank you in advance

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by CaliBuddha

God Bless. That is flipping beautiful.

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by nd2rc

WOW, if you're gonna be loud do it right, and you did it right!

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