Unlucky me - Serotta MeiVici - Latest update Pg 5.

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by playride

PoorCyclist wrote:I am sorry to hear about this!
I do see a trend here to ask for Paypal gift and is usually not on other forums.
Although there is supposed to be no fee. If you use a credit card the buyer still have to pay the fee.
You really have very little recourse when things go wrong, as soon as you use the gift option you opted out from the normal paypal protection. A seller don't have to send your stuff and there is not much you can do.

So just say no to Paypal Gift, find a Paypal fee calculator, offer to pay the fee, or sellers should factor in the cost of Paypal in asking price. Keeps everyone honest.

Many forums have a trader score or separate section to vouch for good/bad users.

Yeah, I think if seller not willing to absorb the paypal cost, ask the buyer to pay the difference via gift, and the purchase amount via proper purchase payment. At least when you got scammed/cheated, you just loose the small portion of the paypal fees, but you still can claim the full purchase amount. Just my 2 cents.

Well i think it is wise for admin to just start a trader score for buyer/seller to vouch each other so user either seller or buyer have something to refer on. Although it may not be accurate, but at least it is a start.

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by Velonutter

playride wrote:
KWalker wrote:I've yet to have a single issue with purchasing on this forum, but I tend to shy away from new posters. Not to say that they aren't trustful, but its pretty easy to troll for a few months and then unload something huge.

Also, as a paypal warning, always offer to eat the fee or ask if they can share it with you. Only way to ensure things in a case where something has gone wrong.

Sharing the fees is something that i usually do when i sell my car parts online to US. But not everyone feels the same.

jcrr wrote:Totally freaking sucks. :evil:

Member Chiva is an awesome seller :thumbup: He sent me a PayPal invoice for a transaction, something other sellers might think of doing.

I really hope the OP is made whole again, either frame or $

Yup, i guess sending invoice is another option to help to protect both seller and buyer.. something to consider

crohnsy wrote:Did you pay Paypal with your credit card? Perhaps there's some recourse there? I'm sure you've saved your correspondence with the "seller"

Anything I buy using Paypal I tend to use my credit card for the payment.. My thinking is that if Paypal lets me down maybe my credit card company will back me up...

Yeah, ive tryied going to my card company, but they said they money has been more than 2 weeks and the money has been claimed from the bank and there is not much they can do to help unless the transaction is still fresh and the money has not been released and claimed.

Sorry been lurking for a while, but hopefully can advise.

On another forum Banks and Credit Card companies try to dismiss things, keep pressing them because as long as you paid with a Card, then your limitations are 90 days.

In the meantime log it with your local police station and they can force PayPal to divulge the names and address of the seller, maybe that will help?

Hope you get things sorted?

by Weenie

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

This is very unfortunate.

Please note the new sticky in the sales forum which refers to this thread.

Do NOT use Paypal gift as a means of payment!
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by playride

Thanks, its a good warning to all the buyer out there. Hopefully it won't happen to any other buyer in here. Let's keep this forum clean.. Cheers!

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by WasFab

I have put my name as fabiancanchelara which I think now to change as can sound suspicious. It is disgusting, myself also was robbed not through here but another site to a scam where I paid good money for nothing. But, no one can cheat the "upper laws" they catch anyone beyond time. I know how heartbreaking it is.

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by markyboy

I feel for you, the guy is total W**k*r.
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by Chiva

I'm so sorry to hear about this. It makes me sick. Its really too bad as most of us on here are honest, decent people. The thought of what was done to you is horrendous. Hopefully karma comes back to him (or her).

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by toosahn

I've been scammed before and I know it sucks.

However, I wouldn't make a blanket statement about the "gift" option. Being a prolific seller, the gift option saves me and the buyer alot money. I usually point to my ebay feedback as well as feedback from selling on the forums to make sure the buyer is confident.

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by playride

Current bike updated. Hopefully to get a new frame next month so i can continue on my project with Campy SR11s.

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by playride

Got my new setup recently. A Serotta MeiVici. Comments welcomed..



13.2lbs = 6.00kgs
- Serotta MeiVici frame + F3 fork
- Zipp SL Speed Stem
- 3T Rotundo Pro (Soon to tuned Zipp SL Bar)
- Thomson Masterpiece saddle post
- Lightweight Obermayer G2 with Veloflex Carbon
- Tune Skyline skewers
- Selle Italia Carbonio Flow saddle
- Zero G 05 brakes
- Campy SR 11 Shifters, FD, RD
- FSA Carbon Pro cranks (Soon to either Campy SR 11 Ti or Tune Fastfoot)
- Time iClic Titan Carbon Carboflex Pedals

Surprised with the weight as i was expecting heavier numbers. Still room for improvement, and ill take better pictures when i have the time. Stay tune

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by carbon2329

Great looking build. It is just fun to look at. (riding even better)

The weave on teh Lightweights & frame work nicely.

Congrats on a great build.

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by kgt

Just great!

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by CBJ

Wow that bike looks amazing.

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by jsinclair


Remove zipp logo from stem and get a set of cranks that matches the rest of the bike and it will be perfect.

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by playride

Thanks.. I knew something doesnt look right on the stem section..
And yeah, that crank will go away soon.C

by Weenie

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