My Baum Corretto NAHBS Special - Titanium Track Bike - 5.7kg

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by TMK001

Hey All,

A brief intro to my new bike now that it is complete - I've been sworn to secrecy up until 48 hours ago.

After have a BT Stealth for a while, I had a vision of creating a titanium track bike with the help of my friends at Baum Cycles. Once we started discussions, Darren at Baum mentioned he was planning on displaying his craft at NAHBS and we decided that would be our deadline for the bike, so away we went dreaming up ideas.

What transpired after a few discussions and a fair bit of cake... we would use a colourway similar to the Rapha Cross Kit with the permission of




What I wanted to do was build a tough looking bike that I could ride at my limit with confidence and showcase all of the fantastic skills of craftsmen working in the bike industry in Australia. I have always been very impressed by the skills of Darren Baum, Mick Peel at BusyMan Cycles and Raoul Luescher from LuescherTeknik. The beauty of Baum is not only do they build fantastic looking bikes, they build with functionality and quality at their forethought.

The bike - prior to paint - as featured on Prolly is not Probably








(Thanks for the pictures John... I never saw the bike at this stage!)

All the fun stuff... (No weights as I have not seen it... but I assume pretty damn light!)

- Custom titanium Baum Corretto frame - metallic color matched to Rapha PMS colors (there are actually 7 colors and 2 different finishes on the frame!)
- Enve 1.5 Track fork
- Tune Bobo headset
- Enve Seat post custom painted
- Custom integrated carbon bar/stem combo by LuescherTeknik
- Campagnolo Pista cranks – custom anodised black
- Campagnolo Chain rings anodised black
- Speedplay Track pedals
- Custom recovered Fizik Arione CX Carbon braided saddle by Busyman Cycles (Mick Peel)
- Custom leather bar tape by Busyman Cycles
- Lightweight Track wheels on Vittoria track tyres
- Izumi V Super Tough chain







Thanks to all of the team at Baum Cycles for being absolute legends to deal with! I hope they have a fantastic week at NAHBS and everyone can see their first class workmanship first hand and get a chance to meet Darren in person to see his passion for good bikes first hand.

From the floor at NAHBS thanks to Prolly's NAHBS coverage

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I cant wait to ride it when it returns from NAHBS!



P.S - As featured on: ... eto-pista/" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; ... e-lust-58/" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;
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by Weenie

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by michel2

they are absolutely freaking awesome, i yet have to see a baum that i didn't like !

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by devinci




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by kov79


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by gumgardner

Looks really nice. I like the colors. :thumbup:

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by ross


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by erickB

baum are my wet drems bike...

the only thing that don´t convince me is the the white part on the seat post. make the seatpost looks bigger in the upper part

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by Kastrup


I am not sure i like the white bit on the seatpost. Somehow i feel that it should either have been kept black or something should have been added to the stem. But what do i know, i ride unpainted Ti frames :)
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by tharmor

Mind blown

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by Fourthbook

That's as elegant a bike as I've ever seen...
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by split

One of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen.
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by Leviathan

win...I like the white seatpost top as it gives the illusion the saddle is floating.

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by cerro

Wow, That's rideable art that

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by natiedean24

I like when I see a bike that has details I have never seen or dreamed of. The saddle cover is subtle and perfect.

the whole thing is just wonderful!

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by Montana

That is possibly the best looking bike I have ever seen!!!

by Weenie

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